Ghost Archipelago - Swamp Zombie Islands

We got in another game of Ghost Archipelago at the club this weekend. We tried out the Swampland scenario. This gave everyone experience in boats which we will need for Call to Arms.

This mission involved getting to a complex of islands covered in overgrown ruins. Unfortunately these were infested with Swamp Zombies.

Everyone got into their boats, and with cries of Row row row your boat set of for the middle of the table.
 Here are my crew. I have one boat and 2 canoes.

I need to put the canoes on bases, they are great but they are a bit unstable especially if balancing models on the.
This is Alan's crew, one of his boats has already been the victim of a shark attack.
Richard's Crew has one large boat and two small boats.
Thomas has put a lot of work into his crew and they look really good, he also has two great looking boats.
This is the central island complex. In the original scenario for 2 players there are 3 islands. I increased it so there is one small island per player.
I loaded a canoe with crewmen and sent them off to annoy Thomas. The basic crewmen are free and it doesn't matter if they die so they are great for suicide missions.

My Heritor has leaped out of the boat and onto the first island. The zombies get shot and stabbed to get them out of the way.
Thomas's crew stop off at the little island. Not sure why they did this, maybe there was some interesting fauna and fungi to study.

Richard's crew are advancing full speed to their island.
In the start of a continuous trend, some monsters show up in the island this Tom's treasures. My Heritor has raced up the hill and grabbed the central treasure while my crew grab a couple of treasures.

Thomas's crew are getting bogged down with some zombies, with 4 players three of us rolled low for initiatve and placed extra zombies to make it harder for people to get going.

 Thomas, makes it to his island, unfortunately a sail back arrived. Alan and Richard had scars from a previous game where one had been horrifying and eaten a bunch of people.

However Thomas had the answer, one of his crossbowmen rolled a critical hit and the monster died. New leather boots for everyone.

Richard is now shooting from his island at Thomas's crew in their boats and the heritor takes damage.
 In the next rolls some more monsters show up, another sailback arrives in the same place as the previous one, and a bat, and there are a couple of ghouls.
After and exchange of missile fire with Alan's shooters my crew fall back to their boat with their treasure. My boat made its way towards the Heritor.

Alan's Heritor and a crewman raced up the hill to engage my Heritor. I glared at the crewman and he quailed and did not engage.

In my activation, my heritor smacked Alan's Heritor who failed his mitigation role and took a chunk of damage. I pushed him away and raced down the hill.
Thomas's crew are lining up to get the treasure and see off the monsters.

My Crewmen sailed their canoe to the other end of the island and then race over to lock down Thomas's models.
 Richard's Heritor races to the top of the hill and engages Alan's Heritor. A couple of swings and Alan's Heritor is defeated and falls.

Alan berates his Heritor's poor performance in melee, several low dice rolls and his Heritor failed. He also failed to make his mitigation roll so took even more damage.
 Here is the view from the other side of the table. Alan's crew are dragging their treasure back to the boat and scrapping with Richard's crew on the main island.
Thomas's crew are getting eaten by the monsters, his heritor is down and several crew are down and the second sailback is still going.
 Sliding around the boats Thomas, manages to get the two treasures onto his boats without losing too many more crew to the monsters
 My Heritor is now back on the boat and my warden is in a canoe. We are now rowing like mad for the board edge.
 Richard takes possession of the central island. Alan's crew gets banged up and pushed back.
 My crew close in on the board edge. My Heritor shot a pterodactyl monster and it flew off the table with a squawk.

My marksman lined up a shot at the sailback and rolled a 19. Thomas picked up the dice and then rolled a 20 for the monsters defence. This left the monster unharmed and in the perfect position to eat his crew.
Thomas now has everyone back in his boats and makes it off the table. Thomas's crossbowmen finally manage to kill off the sailback

At this point the game wound down with all the crews racing for their board edges.

At the end of the game I rolled for treasure and I got a map stone, some cash and some herbs. My one specialist casualty, the archer who had been with me from the beginning died. Curses so now I have to work out how to replace him. So while I got the most treasure off the table, my rolls were very ho-hum and I lost a specialist.

So it was great to get a game in again and everyone had loads of fun. There were some great cinematic moments and much hilarity.

There was some talk after the game about designing a special Scenario for Alan's heritor "Escape from the paper bag".


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