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Going Historical - Saga melee

I am organising a Saga event at the club at the first Saturday in November. This will be a good way to get in some games ad drag some people out of the shadows. We may also get some participants from the neighboring Hutt club. Today I got in a game against Russell and his Vikings. I used my Last Roman (late Roman or Arthurians) 2 points of hearthguard and 4 points of warriors. I marshaled them into 1 unit of hearthguard and 4 units of 8 warriors, 2 with spear and 2 with bows. I was using my Last Romans. Russell used 5 points of hearthguard and 1 points of levy. Russell had 2 units of 8 hearthguard and 1 unit of Berserkers. Russell was the Aggressor so it was more boat people trying to illegally enter Italy. Russell chose the diagonal deployment, the Vikings disembarked from their boats and made their way across the parched ground. Here are the Vikings their right flank is on the hill and their left near a farmhouse.   The Romans deployed their archers in the fields and a