Going Historical - Saga melee

I am organising a Saga event at the club at the first Saturday in November. This will be a good way to get in some games ad drag some people out of the shadows. We may also get some participants from the neighboring Hutt club.

Today I got in a game against Russell and his Vikings. I used my Last Roman (late Roman or Arthurians) 2 points of hearthguard and 4 points of warriors. I marshaled them into 1 unit of hearthguard and 4 units of 8 warriors, 2 with spear and 2 with bows. I was using my Last Romans.

Russell used 5 points of hearthguard and 1 points of levy. Russell had 2 units of 8 hearthguard and 1 unit of Berserkers.

Russell was the Aggressor so it was more boat people trying to illegally enter Italy. Russell chose the diagonal deployment, the Vikings disembarked from their boats and made their way across the parched ground.

Here are the Vikings their right flank is on the hill and their left near a farmhouse.

The Romans deployed their archers in the fields and a marsh and their spearmen went in the gaps. The roman cavalry and warlord took position on the left flank

Turn 1
The Vikings sent forwards their levy onto the hill. They shot at the cavalry who passed both their saves. The rest of the Vikings slid round to the left behind the hill.

The Romans moved up, the white archers killed a levy and the lancers charged in and killed another 10. The levy managed to shank one of the knights.
The Roman knights fell back out of range of retaliation

Romans 3.7
Vikings 1
Turn 2
The Vikings slid further to the left and marshaled their strength behind the hill. The Romans rested their cavalry and the infantry moved forwards

Romans 3.7
Vikings 1
Turn 3
The Viking hearthguard raced forwards over the hill and crashed into the Roman spearmen. The Romans formed a shield wall.
The Romans lost the fight 6-1 and the spearmen fell back.
The Roman knights charged into the Viking hearthguard. The Vikings had a stacked board and buffed and loaded the dice pool in their favour.
The Roman Knights lost the fight 7-5 and were wiped out. That's a bit of a disaster for the Romans.

Romans 8.7
Vikings 9

Turn 4
The action now hots up near the farm. The other unit of Viking Hearthguard now decide to attack the other Roman spearmen.

The Romans go into shield wall and lose the fight 4-1. They then fall back
The Vikings then activate again for a second assault. This wipes out the warriors putting a fatigue on the archers and crucially a second fatigue on the hearthguard.
The roman archers shoot down the 2 hearthguard in front of them.
Spotting the Viking warlord prancing around on the hilltop the Roman commander charges into combat. He gets a bad case of rubber sword and neither side inflicts any damage on the other.

Romans 11.7
Vikings 14
Turn 5
The Viking warlord charges the roman commander. Again the combat is a stalemate and the Viking warlord falls back exhausted.

The Romans see their chance and the archers get a hit through on the exhausted Viking. He falls doing a great impression of a hedgehog.

Romans 16.7
Vikings 14
Turn 6
The Viking Hearthguard try and charge the Roman archers, but the Romans use the fatigues to cancel their activation, no doubt saving them from a lot of angry Vikings.

The Roman archers return the favour  by killing another couple of the Vikings.

Romans 18.7
Vikings 14
Turn 7
We were getting well into the game and had lost track of the turns.

The Berserkers charged the Roman Warlord and in a swirl of blades both units were wiped out.

Romans 23.7
Vikings 19
Turn 8
The last of the Vikings made an assault on the Roman archers who had been peppering them all game. Everyone was expecting the archers to be wiped out, however they were undaunted and the combat was a draw with 3 casualties each. the last 2 vikings fell back.

The Romans managed to kill another one of the Hearthguards.

The Viking survivors were one hearthguard and 1 levy, the Romans had 15 warriors left. So not a good day to be a nobleman.
27 models dies on the hill, so the vines will produce some seriously exotic wine in future years. The final count was Romans 26.7 Viking 20.5


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