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Hobby Update M41A Pulse rifle

I have been an Aliens fan since the movie first came out. When the opportunity came out to buy one of the Nerf replicas, I treated myself. This is what it looked like when I opened the box. The shape is reasonably accurate, but the paint scheme is quite different. I decided to repaint mine to look a bit more like the ones from the movie. After sanding the old paint job off and then filling in the parts of the casing that had raised logos and text. I also had to fill in all the screw holes. This was a deciding factor in whether to take it to bits and paint it or paint it in one piece. I modified the magazine to make it more accurate. This meant expanding the top so it blended better into the rest of the casing. I glued blocks of balsa wood around the top of the bottom of the magazine and then trimmed them to shape and filled in the gaps or at least most of them. This is what it looks like after modification. Now some paint. I masked off the black bits and then sprayed the casing olive g

Hobby Update - Scifi Colony buildings

 After playing Mars: Code Aurora a couple of weeks ago, I have been getting inspired to do some more work on my Colony buildings. I got these from Sarissa Precision and with paint and weathering they look great. Here are some photos of the new buildings.  This is my vehicle garage. Perfect for storing and escape buggy or prospecting tractor. This is a two story module. The ground floor has openings that allow it to connect to junction corridors. I added the usual pipework to the pods and built up some interior partitions. I also built up two corridor pods. One is a double ended junction and one is an end pod with an external door. The weathering is a mix of Ammo Mig streak and grime and some brown acrylics.

Hobby Update - The Strigoi have landed

 I have been collecting some WW2 Germans. I have some Fallschirmjager, a Vampire Officer and some Wehrmacht zombies. These are perfect for the 7TV campaign pack Vlad's Army. In this campaign Vampires invade Warhamster on Sea and battle the Home Guard. I alsready have those models and some other BEF from Warlord games Some of the models I received from the Dracula kickstarter will also be very useful as will some of the Frostgrave vampires. The figures come from a variety of manufacturers. The Vampire Officer comes from Crooked Dice, the Fallschirmjager are from NorthStar and the Zombies are from Studio Miniatures (right before they went under). The Germans have a DFS 230 assault glider to land in. Perfect for pinpoint night assault. I need to add the markings. This is what the zombies look like when they arrvied in their box (made out of a CD case) This is what the zombies look like when put together. I also got a couple of Miami Vice agents. This is what the Germans look like when

Mars : Code Aurora

  Alan got himself a set of the new Mars : Code Aurora rules. These a skirmish set of miniature agnostic scifi skirmish rules. The rules come with its own background but could be used in all sorts of settings. I got out my Scifi terrain from Sarissa Precision. Combined with my aquarium Jungle and Alan's GW we made up a colony layout. I need to finish painting the decking, but its usable on the table. I took a Justice Department force. We have to recover clues about criminal activity. However some locals are not keen on the Justice department poking around in their territory and decide to do some agitating for democracy. Obviously they were concerned about the Justice Department infringing on the rights of colonists to own firearms. Here is half of the team ready to start their sweep. The idea is to catch the locals between two rocks of the Justice Departments finest. Here is the other half of the team ready to receive guests. Alan has his Democracy Now protestors ready to agitate.