Necromunda - Spiky Hair and a touch of poison

 I got in a double header of Necromunda missions at the club meeting on Saturday. 

First up was James's Esher gang. The key to defeating Eshers is to set their hair gel on fire or give them a short back and sides with a chainsaw. Eshers looks like a movement and combat gang, they use shooting to suppress the enemy while their close combat specialists close in for the kill. With a large number of toxin and gas weapons, Esher are well equipped to deal with multiple wound opponents.

We are playing on James's terrain set. This is great terrain. My initiate with Grenade launcher surveys the field. There are 8 loot counters scattered across the table, the idea is to open them and collect loot tokens which are hen exchanged for cash.
One of my Cutter champions looks towards the Eshers.
Here is my Initiate with heavy stubber.
One of my gangers is looking for something to kill.

My Initiate with flamer has snuck forward to put some pressure on the Eshers.
This is the Esher leader and a champion with a plasma gun.
An esher death maiden, ganger, sniper are looking at some crates
A poor lonely loot crate hiding behind a barrier. Maybe it will get a forever home today.
My Grenade launcher cli9mbs up the stairs and fires a poison gas grenade at some Eshers
My Flamer moves forwards, looking for the skummer to cook. This ended up being a bad move as he promtly got charged and poisoned by a Death Maiden, in future I need an escort of a juve to stop people rushing me. To be fair, most people don't want to engage me in close combat.
This is the climax of the battle, my leader and champion infiltraded out of the needle holes, we then took and extra move. James's skummer fired a shotgun at them, my leader had the card that allowed him not to be pinned, so that was OK. 

My Champion stood up and flicked his circular saw into the Esher one slice and she was down and out. My leader then charged over the corpse and engaged another Esher, sliced and diced the Esher was taken out of action.

James's Death Maiden then charged my leader and hit me with a powerfist!!! Fortunately it hit my head, so my mask saved it. The counter attack then took out the Death Maiden. James's leader and champion were also down and out, they had been hit with bullets and poison gas.

At that point James bottled and the Eshers faded into the darkness.


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