Kill Team - Sub Level C - part 2

 In the afternoon, Ben and I got in a second game.

I used my Genestealers. This time I got to be the defender so I swapped the layout to use the other side of the board.

Here are my Genestealers, I have modelled them with the different biomorphs (equipment). I get to select 10 models.

Here we are deployed and ready to go. I'm measuring whether I can get the Genestealer all the way down the room in a first activation charge and eat the Plasmagunner.

Genestealers are great at over running objectives with their free Dash. I've made it into the room. I'm about to eat one of the Blooded. One stealer squirted acid all over the Blooded leader, this gave me 2 points for head hunter.
Here we are advancing down the hall. Ben made a play with his plasma gunner dashing within 2 inches and then using the Enforcer to command the gunner to take an overwatch shot. However the shot missed (needing 5s to hit). In the coridor on the right I moved in with one stealer after opeing the doon. Ben's blooded ran in and secured it (he had 3 APL at the time) then my Leader moved in and took it. back.
The Genestealers made it down the corridor and into the blooded. Casualties were high on both sides. You can here the screams and imagine the arterial spray painting the walls The Blooded sniper moved down and shot the Genestealer Patriarch and then the Thug got some Flesh Hooks in the face.

By the end of the battle the Blooded had their Ogryn, their grenadier and their sniper alive and the Stealers had 3 left as well. The Genestealers don't like trying to take down the Ogryn in melee.

So loads of fun. The Hive Fleet is looking good for the Mid June tournament.

I do like the Asymmetric map layouts. It makes being the defender worthwhile in what is otherwise a completely losing proposition.


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