Kill Team - Sub Level C - Part 1

 I played a couple of games against Ben's Blooded team. I the first game I tried out my newly painted Mandrake team. Will the Mandrakes survive the curse of the newly painted models "You must not lick from the Brush!". Mandrakes have a lot of special rules, abilities and wargear so there is definitely a learning curve.

Here are the team. I reversed some of the colours from the boxed scheme.

I made up an asymmetrical map, so that the choice of defender would mean something these are a pack from one of the US tournament organisers.

Some of Ben's horde
More of Ben's horde

This room in the on the centerline of the left is a bit of a deathtrap. There are no objectives in the room. My Shadow weaver has moved up and looted the coridor objective and Ben has moved up his Grenadier.
My Chooser of the Flesh didn't let a little think like walls get in the way and charged the Grenadier and killed him, Yes Mandrakes can charge on Conceal through walls although it burns through CP like a decaying isotope.
I moved the Abyssal up and blasted a couple of blooded but then got blasted by a krak grenade.
here are our forces staring at each other down the corridor. This is my moment of truth before I got a Krak grenade to the face.
I'm starting to run out of models. Mandrakes are built like most elf teams They have good speed and firepower but the staying power of a wet paper bag.
My model here is staring down the Ogryn. I managed to shoot him and then charge the flamer that was following up. Int he next turn I killed the flamer and then shadow portalled across the map into the room with my other two models.
Here we are killing people and getting secondary points. My Leader at the bottom of this picture is just about to get charged by the thug. I forgot about his ability to stop people activating and didn't have a CP to fight first so he got killed.
In the end it was 13-12 to Ben. I managed to get to clever in the last turn and move one of my warriors away from the top of the room to the bottom. this took him out of scoring for Push Forwards where you need 4 APL of models within 6" of the enemy drop zone.

A fun game and Mandrakes definitely have lots of play with all their tricks.


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