Hobby update - return of the space marines

 I have been making progress on a few projects.

Here are my Relic Blade figures. I even managed to get a bit of OSL on the models with torches. All the models are painted in a Red-Yellow-Grey scheme to unify them.
I have been building some marble style bases. These took a couple of goes to get to look like this. I ended up going with a variant of a Technique Vince Venturella showed in his Hobby Cheating video.

Everyone on the interwebs recommends making a mesh out of wet wipes and spraying the different layers on. I tried this 

I got hardly any colour through the wet wipes. Even through what looked like a good mesh it still had enough fibers to block the spray. Or I ripped holes in it which gave me a spotted colour rather than the webs. This did give me a nice varied base coat.
I made these bases by rolling out Green stuff using my new Temple roller. The hardest part is rolling the larger bases, they tend to bend in the middle.

I am back assembling Space Marines in Mk6 armour. I first assembled some of the original RTB01 marines about 30 years ago. These are much better kits than the original models. However they are not compatible with other marine kits. The new kits are designed to go together only one way whereas the older kits had interchangable torso and leg combinations. This makes it hard to use chapter specific kits to personalise these models.

I'm going to make them into Blood Angels inspired by models like this.


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