Frostgrave - Run, Run, Run all the way home.

This is the second part of the raid on the barbarian camp. We now had to get back to our base. Unfortunately the Barbarians were using Foul Horns to sniff out our trail.

So now we were being hunted down in the ruined streets of Frostgrave.

Here are the crew skirting a tower covered with disturbing runes, symbols and freises.
This is the view towards freedom. We can't simply run or teleport to the end because there is a dimensional barrier across the pathway.
A couple of Blood Marked Barbarians and a Foulhorn attack the warband. In the first target of the game Marion gets hit by a +0 elemental attack. Thomas rolls a 20 eek. However Marion also rolls a 20 and so escapes unharmed.
We dispose of the Foulhorn but lose Bertrand (which was annoying because he had been buffed to boost his fight)
Mildred climbed the tower and recovered a treasure. Now all she has to do is make it down to ground level and to the other end of the table.
Richard and the Ghost of Arthur Pendragon are fighting off a couple of barbarians. Richards has burst into flame and melts his sword. Robin is fighting a foulhorn through the doorway. The creature is wounded and kind of stuck in a doorway.
Disaster, Marion raced back to save Robin and promptly gets taken out with a critical hit. Robin then makes an attack and also gets taken out. Isadora has raced into the near house and picked up a treasure. Richard and Arthur are still engaged with the barbarians. 

On reflection I could have buffed Robin and then moved into support but given the rolls it didn't matter.
Isadora makes the play of the game and teleports across the table far away from all the rest of the figting.
Arthur's ghost is dispursed. Richard is now fighting 2 burning men
Richard makes and escape through the house.
Isadora resummoned Arthur while Chevalier Des Guise, Richard and Mildred fall back to the extraction point.
I've got movement all around, the team are retreating from the advancing monsters and Barbarians
Isadora is waiting for the barrier to move back so she can exit the board. Arthur is blocking one of the foulhorns.
Chevallier Des Guise is hacking down barbarians left and right, with every kill he steps back and is one pace nearer to freedom. Unfortunately he can't save Mildred and Richard who fall into the snow.
Hacking his way clear Des races for the table edge, however races is a relative turn when slowed down by a bag of treasure.
Des makes it near to the table edge, and with a lucky win of Initiative he gets off the table.

Wow that was tough. Fortunately almost everyone recovered quickly. However Will Scarlet died. Marion and Isadora tried to save him with a Miraculous Cure but even the healing feeling from the ancient temple wasn't enough.

I got another Grimoire and a soothsayers puppet. So I sold that ugly doll and some other trinkets down at Crazy Jeffs for some knowledge inspiring gold.

Alan was playing at the same time, he got more people off but suffered more casualties. After the game we write some scrolls and go down to the Black Dragon Inn and hire Ralph of Huntingdon by appealing to his sense of honour.

This is a hard mission, but then its supposed to be. Trying to save everyone might not be the best strategy, but then the barbarians will quickly hack down thugs and thieves. The monster also respawn so killing them just brings them back.

Thomas's dice were on fire, even he was embarrassed. But without some risk there would be no reward.


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