Frostgrave - Another storied band member bites the dust

We had what turned out to be a fairly brutal Frostgrave game. This was supposed to be a nice quite commando mission to sneak into a Barbarian camp and uncover clues (nick their stuff and kill everyone).

The mission turned into a 4 player game and a mind bending reality cracks effect that transformed parts of the table into their own pocket universes and the other parts of the table into an Inception or Matrix inspired curvature of space time.

Alan and I were planning on sneaking up on the barbarians behind walls of Fog, However Ed's warband didn't think much of sneaking around and set of the alarm straight away. So the Berserkers were armed and ready and madder than a hornets next poked with a stick.

This is the initial position during the first turn, advancing between some ruined towers towards a huge tent surrounded by offering to the barbarians daemon gods. On the left Alan has created a wall of fog to screen his advance. Marion has cast combat awareness on herself.

Isadora then cast fog but this went away at the start of turn 2.
At the start of turn 2, I rolled a 19 so reality cracked and the table folded into different quadrants separated by lines of purple fire (we used string). Everyone else has run up behind the fog only for it to disappear. (surprise)
The team move to investigate the fetishes and find 2 treasures and a trap which fortunately does nothing. My illusionary hero engages a barbarian. Most of the warband are too shocked to move and almost everyone had only 3 models or so that could move.
Marion leads an attack on the barbarian. Even surrounded its still dangers and Marion takes a hit but the rest of the team take it down. eventually
The rest of the team move up and Isadora Heals Marion
Turn three and we are starting to withdraw. I can either leave by the opposite table edge on the one on my right. Its much easier to move off the right side. My plan was to move back to the corner and then wait for reality to turn to normal.
Isadora is escorting my thief and with a treasure, while everone else moved down the boundary.
The reality snaps back into place and Ed's and my warband were now facing off along a narrow strips of the table. I was quite happy not to fight. However Ed had other ideas. He shot at one of my models and blinded Nasir. being close together meant I could do a multiple activation and my warband surged across the line. Marion attacked the archer and got in a good hit. My Man at Arms demolished a thief. Will Scarlet and my Infantryman smashed into and wounded an infantryman.
Ed's construct counter attacks as does his man at arms and mine is taken down. My Illusionary soldier is delaying another barbarian that has come out of the tent attracted by all the noise.
We surround Ed's construct. Edward of Wickhams axe take a chunk out of it, Even with three archers I failed to hit any of the barnarians.
Marion takes out the archer, Will is downed and then Robin takes out the construct. Ed is also coming under pressure from some Barbarians
Marion takes out another member of Ed's warband
Ed's warband is wiped out apart from his wizard who raced off the table. However my own losses are mounting. Much shanked a barbarian but was then clubbed into the snow.

Marion and Isadora lead an assault back into the barbarians, Eric of Wickham falls to a critical hit and then Marion smashes the last Barbarian. We can then pick up the last treasure.

Alan and Zane's warband made their much more peaceful retreat.
I had a bunch of survival rolls to make. Everyone was OK except for Nasir who died. Any other result would have been OK because I could fix it. but needing to cast Miraculous Cure on a 20 for some instant open heart surgery out in the field didn't work. 

I got a somewhat useless magic ring, some money, 3 potions and a Grimoire with a useful spell on it. I now have to make a new model.

Now all I have to do is run a gauntlet of Barbarians and monsters before I can get back to my base.


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