Frostgrave - The Well

We had 7 people turn up for the initial weekend of our Frostgrave campaign. We proably have 8 players at this point and we might get some more as the games progress. We split the games between 2-4 players. The larger games take significantly longer to play. Pairing the players into 2-3 per game means we can get more games completed during the day. 

I was involved in a couple of games I played Chris in his first ever game of Frostgrave. Then Richard joined us with his flying bear coven for a second game. 

Thomas also played James and they built up so many walls they could not engage each other so their game was over very quickly.

In this first game we played The Well scenario. Our Wizards would get extra experience if they drink from the well. If anyone falls in they are reduced to zero wounds.

Here are the positions after the initial turn. We have moved up. Alan a Dale whos singing is so terrible he has to steal to support himself. has made it to the first treasure while Little John keeps an eye on him. Marion is leading some of the merry men down the other side of the collapsed terrace. Robin has bravely rushed forwards while Much covers the team from atop the pile of frozen rubble.

This is the picture after Chris's team have moved up. He has a Chronomancer so he is about making his modes go faster and yours go slower. He has a big impressive looking knight in fluted armour a crossbowman and a man at arms. The team is rounded out with the contents of the black Dragon Inn.   

The team have moved up Herne has cast Fog to block off some line of sight.  Little John is leading the charge towards the central objective he is supported by Edward of Wickham and some of the villagers.  Much makes a rat kebab out of a wandering monster that showed up looking for scraps. Lacking ketchup he decides not to take it back to the hide out.
Chris is moving up is warriors to deal with a couple of zombies that have been attracted by the dinner bell attached to one of the treasures. We did not get many monsters, a couple of zombies an armoured skeleton and a rat. Chris's thief has fleet feet cast on him so he is extra speedy.

Alan a Dale starts dragging one of the treasures back to our gangs hide out. There is a mexican stand off around the central treasure. Little John is waving his staff menacingly at Chris's Man at Arms until Much shoots him stone dead with a critical arrow to the face. An armoured skellie is also attracted by the sound of living creatures and is coming to investigate from the righthand board edge. My Thug picks up the treasure and a crossbow bolt in short order but its only a flesh wound. 

Robin moves around to the right and takes out the Armoured Skellie. We now three treasures secured so its time to get to the well and then make for the exfiltration point.

Herne and Marion arrive at the Well, Marion gets to drink this turn but Herne used Teleport to get there so can't drink. Chris makes a play for the central treasure but his thug gets bashed. Chris is now trying to petrify my models especially bad for a Thug with -2 will to stop my team getting away. Once Marion was able to dispel the petrification on the thug so he could move. Chris's thug gets a brief explanation about how multiple person combats and double handed weapons work and is then on his way back to the Black Dragon Inn. 

My Infantrymen escort the thug and the central treasure off towards the table edge.
Both sets of spell casters drank from the well. Chris cleaned up the zombies, including the classic move that no one is as dangerous as a wounded thug who dispatched a zombie with a crit 20 after being stabbed.

In the end I ended up with enough experience to reach the 300 max. I got a bit of gold and a magic dagger and a magic shield. I decided to make a Laboratory my base the extra experience is a known quantity rather than having to try and roll a 20 to get a really good result in one of the other bases.

Now off to recruit some new members of the crew. I do like that you can now go down to Crazy Joes used magic items and buy stuff you want. 

I think we have a gentleman's agreement not to make Strike Dead scrolls. Wandering around with the equivalent of a sniper rifle in your pocket doesn't seem like fun. Although it would be quite useful to by the tomb of Cure Critical Wounds and start writing them on scrolls.

So a nice first mission I got to go through all the basics of the rules, some magic and some fighting. This was a good way to get back into the game and remember how to play.
Unfortunately Chris lost his Man at Arms, when his recovery roll went bad.



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