The Scarlet Manticore

 I have been having the week off - its school holidays.

I have also been playing a couple of games of Forbidden Lands. This is my crew.

I have been making the 4Ground kit "Stoic Arms".
These are the bottom two floors. This was as far as I got at the end of the first day. There are a lot of pieces, both sides of the walls are detailed and there are lots of little bits. Even the plaster panels on the external walls are individual pieces of cardboard. 

This is the whole model its 4 levels of playable space with loads of rooms and opening doors. I now have somewhere to put my Mantic Terrain Crate furniture.
This is part of the second floor. The two rooms at the top have a balcony.

The Third Floor have rooms with an external walkway. 

The model turns out very clean. So I have been griming it up to make it looks a bit more worn.

I have also changed the name of the Inn. At the end of our first session the Boss Fight was with a Manticore. This could be really dangerous but a critical hit with my axe and we were talking about what we can take as trophies.

So I changed the name to "The Scarlet Manticore in memory of our great victory

I also made a quick Null Zone for our Frostgrave campaign

So its been a good week so far.


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