The Normans are coming.

This weekend we are getting together to play some Saga games. I will try out my Book of Battles scenarios so we can see how some of the different scenarios work.

I will take the Normans our for a gallop. This gives me a good excuse to get them out and into the painting queue.
 Here are my Son's of Death. These savage warriors give me some additional hitting power.
 Here are my crossbowmen. Ready to fill any exhausted warlord full of arrows.

Here are my Norman Knights and Warlord. Three points of Hearthguard, ready to charge into the foe.

Last are my levy archers. Perfect for a long range bombardment preferably from cover.
 Here is a bit of terrain I am making for Ghost Archipelago this is polystyrene and plaster rocks covered in tin foil and fine sand. The texture makes for a nice looking weathered stonework. This hill is being defended by some Reaper carniverous apes.


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