Carnevale - game three

Ed and I played a third game of Carnevale down at the Warlords. We played a corner deployment mission to make sure that there was plenty of space. We also tried 150 points gangs.

Here are my troops I have the Doctor of Zoology leading the force as a change. This makes my leader more bashy but has no magic. I also have a Morgue Doctor who has some magic and can potentially bring a character back to life.
I played some will transfer shenanigan's and jumped into the water to score three points for my agendas
On my left flank I set up a force with my cannoier the lion and a warden to guard the Morgue Doctor
Ed's docksiders guild advanced down the canal. Ed was using a gondola to sail down the canals and carry a passenger.
I moved my Doctor or Ordnance onto the bridge so he could provide covering fire and make use of the will power of the unleashed madman
The Black Lamp managed to dispel some of my Magic and then helpfully moved to stand next to a citizen. This was perfect because my cannonier could shout the citizen and then arc damage onto the Black Lamp.
I advised Ed not to move the Baroni (yes he was the villain in Danger Mouse) next to the Black Lamp. My Master of Ordnance fires a blast template (its kind of like a soul powered grenade launcher).
My Master or Ordnance move up took an extra action and opened fire twice and did damage to three models. It also got several models to spend will to enhance their defence. If I can drain the Black Lamp of will he can't dispel my magic spells.
Ed's Arbalester was lobbing long range bolts down field. 
A fight starts in the corner, the Baroni moves over to shoot the cannonier and then gets bitten by the crocodile. What I should have done was use the first action to throw him in the water and then charge back in after him and try and drown him. That would also have rendered his pistols non functional. The things you learn by playing the game. Its hard for any one model to kill another in one turn. Eds oarsman and citizen then managed to stab the crocodile to death. 
Here is a shot during turn three, The Black Lamp moved in and attacked the doctor who then returned the favour and took him out of action.
The Madman then moved up and threw the citizen near to Frank. The idea was that Frank would give her the bash and recharge some will points. However Ed activated the citizen next and she impaled herself on the Doctors voltaic shield. The assassin came up and threw knives at the doctor and the got charged by the Lion.
By the end of the turn the Doctor had exhausted all of her defence options and fell to a clockwork pistol shot.

With our current level of familiarity it takes us about an hour to play a turn with 150 points so we will probably go back to smaller gangs.


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