Hobby update - Carnevale terrain

I have painted my first Carnevale building. I went for a grimy look so I experimented with some MIG streak and grime. 

This was my experience of Venice, not that I went in the 16th century. Venice wasn't quite a toxic cesspool but you didn't want to trail your hands in the canals in case your skin fell off.

Here is the building, The roof and each floor can be removed and could be placed on other buildings of the same size. I put a coat of Satin spray varnish between the paint layer and the streak and grime and this helped with wiping the grime off.
The streak and grime does a good job of flowing into the lines in the MDF to highlight the brickwork. I also painted the interiors, for some of the larger buildings entire games could take place inside a building.
I also have grimed up my Sarrissa Precision habitation Pod, I added some pipes out of paper straws. I think I will add some interior frames for things like equipment racks or bunk beds or workstations.

I think I will order another pack of these pods so I get some larger spaces. I also need to check whether my tracked vehicles will fit in the garage pod. I can also stack the buildings on top of each other to make a second story.

I have also been painting my Church of Dagon models that arrived from TT combat. 

There has been lots of Jade Green being used this week.

I have also been painting some alternate Doctors. I have the Dr of Zoology who tests how resilient animals are to being bashed with an electric charged Mace. The Dr of Munitions who shoots the souls of the damned from their gun. The Dr of Death can literally bring some models back to life. This gives me some different models to try out.


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