Hunting for Eldar Corsairs

I got in a game of Battlefleet Gothic down a the Warlords today. Thomas brought down his Eldar fleet, so I took my Imperial Ships out for a patrol. 

I have 4 Imperial cruisers supported by two firestorm escorts.
Mars Class Cruiser James T Cook
Dominator Cruiser Eternal Vigilance
Dominator Cruiser Imperial Endeavour
Dictator Cruiser Human Enterprise

These names are inspired by the ships that discovered New Zealand and a nod to Start Trek.

So part of the Maelstrom Wardens Squadron is out hunting for raiders near the Maelstrom. Passing close to the Magog star Eldar sensor ghosts are detected by Inferno Squadron. Relaying the information to Admiral Akrill aboard the Endeavour the inexperienced squadron waited for reinforcements

Firestorm squadron sheltering behind some asteroids and the cruisers arriving

The Eldar raiders were split into two divisions, and emerged from behind another clump of asteroids. The Eldar look like they are trying to encircle the Imperial squadron and catch them in a crossfire.

Admiral Akrill ordered the Imperial Squadron to turn to starboard. The Imperial Cruisers fired their nova cannons and the James T Cook scored a direct hit on the Eldar cruiser. The ship was shattered by the damage and suffered a structural failure before coming apart under the gravometric stress. 

The Eldar torpedo escorts fire long range torpedo salvos, the Imperial flotilla continue their right turn to try and trap the Eldar ships or drive them off. This was exposing their rear to the pursuing Eldar.
 Admiral Akrill order the carriers to launch a mix of fighter squadrons and a bomber wave to try and cover the flanks of the Imperial ships.
 The Eldar Shadow cruiser and a squadron of Hemlock destroyers are closing on the rear of the Imperial Squadron. They are slowed by going away from the sun and not quite in range to open fire.
The Eldar launch their attack. The torpedo boats whip around the planet and launch a torpedo wave through a gap in the Imperial CAP. The other squadron, unable to line up a shot, breaks off and head back to the asteroids. The Torpedoes ripped into the Endeavour and damage the Vigilance.
The Hemlock destroyers open fire on the Vigilance, Their fire rips through the shields, smashed powerfeeds to the starboard weapon battery and destroyed the bridge. The last words of Captain Cochrane were "we don't need to brace for impact".
The Imperial ships split to counter attack. The crippled Vigilance and the Endeavour turn to starboard. The Cook and Inferno squadron turn to port and the Enterprise heads towards the Eldar torpedo squadron.

Lieutenant Powell found himself in command of the Vigilance, taking command of the ship from Aft Damage control, he got the starboard batteries on line, just in time to launch a salvo and destroy one of their attackers. In response the Eldar diverted power to their defensive fields and managed to avoid further loss.

Inferno Squadron might have been inexperienced but their gunnery crews were well drilled, they destroyed two of the Eldar destroyers and the dorsal lances of the James Cook accounted for the last member of the squadron.

The Vigilance survived a last attack be Eldar bombers before the Eldar broke off their attack. Under attack the ship managed to Brace for Impact and the Imperial damage control teams proved to be excellent.

It's likely that there will be a number of interested parties looking to find and board the hulk of the Eldar Cruiser.

Loads of fun to get the BFG ships out.


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