Going back into space

I have a game of Battle Fleet Gothic coming up next meeting. I have selected my fleet and have gotten the models out for some painting enhancements. I upgraded the paint scheme on several models when we played the BFG campaign last year.

I can also use this game to provide some narrative for our Kill Team games. Some wrecks or hulks could lead to some boarding actions which would make great kill team missions.

I have also been getting some more shields painted and transfers added on another command worth of Hoplites. These have a mix of LBMS transfers for the Theban clubs and the conventional water slide transfers with more variety of designs from Warlord Games. Warlord provide a sheet or transfers with every box of Hoplites.

I need to make up a few more elements of Hoplites, I might do a group with black shields and then use the white transfers. That would give me three different looks for each command.

I have also been doing some work painting the Kill team terrain. I didn't like my first attempt so I put it at the back of the list. After seeing Richards nice buildings and getting some more Kill Team games, its back on the menu. I am going for a white / bronze scheme which goes with the Imperial Heroes statues and gives the buildings a nice clean look.

Alan is running a Zombie Apocalypse game at the beginning of November, I have a Saga Melee to organise for the end of November and then I think I will organise a kill team narrative day, perhaps boarding a space hulk, in December.


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