Necromunda - start of the Underhive campaign

 A group of us have started a Necromunda campaign down at the Warlords. I am trying out a Corpse Grinders gang. These are what happens when the meat workers start going crazy.

Necromunda is a simple game once you get the models on the table however the campaign rules are anything but simple. Now the rules are scattered over about 7 books and the rules have been changed between books. 

So we spent considerable time setting up our gangs.

Richard and I played a game, we created a simple mission staking out an unclaimed territory. I didn't claim it so I don't remember exactly what it was.

This is Richard Orlock gang advancing across the zone, there are some rickety walkways over the acid pools.
There are Orlocks, thousands of them. Richard had a stratagem that allowed him to pick up three free Juves.
Apparently, carrying an inductrial meat cutting sword, a pistol and a bronze butcher helmet means you blend in with the other solid citizens. My Initiates have the infiltrate skill so they can start anywhere on the table. The main butcherers are racing into the combat zone. My Initiates are bagging some treasure and heading back to the shop.
Here are the head butcher, the Cutter and two Skinners.
Richard is also tagging the loot crates and advancing. This is heading to a big conflict around a big door.
Richard opens the door and lays down some suppressive fire with a shotgun. The Butchers charge through and engage the first line of Juves. I have a stratagem that allows me to make charges a basic action, so I can stand up and charge. I take down a juve and a ganger. Richards leader has 3 wounds so survives a saw to the face. He also has the tactic that he can ignore wounds on a 2+ (Ouch) Our two gang leaders engage in a fist vs saw fight.
My Champion gets knocked out with a bionic fist to the face. At this point I am making bottle tests so I decide to fail and bail out.

Richard and I both manage to recruit a juve from out settlements, and make some money from the boxes. With the revised experience rules some people got some new skills and stat improvements.

If other people want to join in our campaign they are welcome.

I am now converting a set of the Backstone Fortress Cultists I got from Scott to match the look of the corpse grinders. So now I have a bigger selection of models and weapon options. Hopefully Juves with Guns can pin down dangerous shooters to allow my close combat specialists to get into position.


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