Kill Team - Game 4

I got to play my first game against Fellgor Ravagers. I mistook them for a team that would be easy to kill in combat and that I would be able to get multiple kills in one activation.

I took a mixed Nurgle and Khorne team. in the opening activation. I moved my Acolyte up, opened the door and then fireblased down the corridor. This Frenzied two beastmen and badly wounded a third. This turned out to be my high water mark. The Beastmen then managed to kill the Acolyte. 
My Butcher and Chosen died in the room on the right taking out one and a half beastmen. So not a good trade. Not helped by the fact that the beastman champion spiked his plasma pistol shot and I forgot I had the item that  reduces attack dice within three inches.
The Plasma gunner tried to move up and get rid of the frenzied beastmen. I should have just closed the door. I did get rid of him but got wounded in the process. 
I should have pulled back and gone into the room on the left to threaten the sorcerer.
My Icon bearer lost the duel with two beastmen in the room on the left. The annointed secured the room on the right and then rushed around the corner, dodged a plasma shot from the beastman champion and then died to the beastman armed with the big axe. This wasn't helped by the fact that I rolled poorly and then forgot he has a 5+ feel no pain save. This might have saved me enough to kill off the beastman.

I ended up losing the game 18-14. So close but no cigar.

This was one of the hardest maps to play on. Having only 6 models and 4 rooms meant I had to divide my forces and the marines could nto support each other. But a great learning game.

After playing 4 games I'm leaning to playing more Mark of Tzeentch. I was getting killed by plasmagun shots and other AP shots and the Invulnerable save and other Buffs would be more use.



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