Magnetise all weapons

I have been magetising the weapons on my knights. This allows me to make use of more weapon options from the knight warden kit. You get 4 weapons but only 2 weapon mounts. It also allows me to swap the weapons around on the knights. This also makes the knights easier to transport because I can take them to bits meaning they take up less space and have less fragile sticking out bits that could get broken off.

One thing I have noticed is that this edition seems much more about combos rather than the abilities of individual units. You can now design an army around a captain librarian and their terminator bodyguard all arriving at the same time and in exactly the right place.

Most characters have aura effects that improve the abilities of nearby units, again the bigger the unit the bigger the benefit.

Stratagems can also be used to ramp up the power level. because they affect a whole unit, they encourage big units. One of the stratagems allows you to select a unit and deploy it at the start of the first turn 9 inches away from enemy units. If this was a squad of 10 infantry this is would be nice, when you have done it with 6 Kastellan battle robots and you know you have won the first turn so can then move shoot and assault and then for another command point make the unit fight twice. That's a lot of attacks and a very powerful unit deep in the enemies deployment zone.

I have been watching some Adeptus Mechanicus battle reports. I think the on line battle reports are very useful for people that want to see examples of how to and how not to play the army. I appreciate the effort that people put in to make the reports. A lot of people play the Mechanicus as a robot gun line. They can do this very well especially because their HQ choices can repair their vehicles and other units to keep them in the fight longer. They have some good assault units and especially when you consider that they might be able to infiltrate to right next to the enemy then move shoot and charge in the first turn. I must review Striking Scorpions, IIRC they have a similar ability built in and are better when the enemy are in cover.


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