Spider Tank, Spider Tank

I have been assembling my latest shipment of Adeptus Mechanicus. My son Luke really likes this model and because it has been assembled with the weapons magnetised and the legs are adjustable he thinks its a toy and wants to play with it with his action figures. The poor thing wont last 5 minutes in that kind of environment. Luke also wants to advise me on how to paint my tank.  Based on his taste, it will end up looking like it comes from a super hero movie. So I have given Luke a Dreadnought from a 40K starter set and he is OK with painting that. The model is currently depicted with the eradication beamer, probably not something I will use much. But it's luke's favourite weapon and he knows how to change the weapons. I think I will probably use the Neutron

I have been making some Adeptus Mechanicus tokens, these can cover the canticles, the warlord traits and the dogma's.

I forgot a couple of them so I need to make some more.

Here is my tech priest Dominus. He is painted in Stygies 8 colours still loads to paint on him. He isn't in my current list so isn't top of the list to finish.

 I have been doing some more work on the knight legs. I really enjoyed using the Vallejo game air metal colours. the legs have 4 shades of colour from steel to silver. These are now glues to the bases and I can now paint the gold trim on the armour panels and add them to the legs. These colours go on really well with either the airbrush or a standard brush.

Luke is also making me a model for Christmas. I am helping, although I think this is more like contract labour. We are building a monster coming out of the ground. We are building the creature out of DAS clay. The base is made out of a lid and features, real rocks from Luke's collection, sand, cat litter and currently has some herbs as the ground cover. The creature will go down the black strip in the middle. This photo features some water from me washing off some of the herbs that got into some parts of the base I didn't want.

This could make a cool center piece for games of Ghost Archipeligo or Congo. I might get some plastic aquarium plants onto the base. This is a cool project to do with Luke.


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