Hobby update - fun with Polystyrene making an alien landscape

Sometimes it feels like you can do a lot of Hobby time and not produce anything. Progress sometimes is incremental and then all of a sudden you finish quite a few things. So definitely an incremental week.

Alan Richard Thomas and I are organising our game for out club's convention, Call To Arms. We have been doing Zombies or at least we were until the Covid Apocalypse swept across the world. So we are going to play a Scifi corporate wars scenario. Rumours of extra terrestrial life are just that. Anything that gets in the way of scientific progress or resource exploitation is to be swatted like bugs.

I have my company exec, a specialist project manager from Acquisitions, and his support team almost ready to go.

I ordered some 3d prints from Shapeways and got hit with 15% tax. The reach of our government is growing longer. Maybe they are following the old Yes Minister strategy and going with "A tax is the best form of defence".

I bought myself the FLG Asteroid game mat from Might Ape. This is a nice looking mat that could be used for all sorts of games.

I have now started making some rock spire terrain to go on it. This is made out of Polystyrene and reinforced with a coat of plaster mixed with PVA.

These are the first generation of spires before plaster I carved all of these out of one block of polystyrene. Some hot wire tools really make this a lot easier.
 This is one of the second generation before plaster. It now has a base out of the last of my xps foam sheet. Alan gets some off cuts from one of his signage contacts. it great stuff.

I remember being inspired by a picture of a settlement from The Drowned Earth. This had people building houses clustered around motorway overpass pillars. I got some polystyrene from the monitors we bought just before we went into lock down and started making some pillars and platforms.

The next step will be to add some box shapes and detailing to make the houses. These can be then used for any kind of Scifi game.


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