Kill Team - Purging the Thousand Sons.

We had another club meeting today. I got in a game of Kill Team. Thomas brought out his Thousand Sons. I used the Fire Hawks and we threw down in a dungeon arena setting.
My vanguard veteran with jump pack proved to be the clincher. He allowed me to fly down the board and get old of a second objective on turn 1. This allowed me to gain 3 points for holding 2 objectives and more and this put Thomas on the back foot from the start of the game. Its interesting that the tighter confines of the Arena missions place more emphasis on movement. You can't just shuffle forwards and fire all over the board.

We were also talking about the new edition. It looks like a tinker. I think this is a missed opportunity to go to a more interactive turn sequence. The IgoUgo turn sequence is a core part of the rules that is 30 years old and it feels really old compared to more modern games. It's also made worse by the increasing lethality of the weapons and the lack of terrain. Many games are decided in the army design phase and completed by who gets first turn.

Playing 500 point games using the units from Kill Team and reducing squad size minimums to half on a table with Infinity levels of terrain will hopefully make for a very different game. This got everyone quite inspired.

I have been working on some more Badab War Kill teams.

These are the Raptors a Raven Guard Successor

These are the Nova Marines. Thanks to Hagen for some inspiration about colours.

These are the Red Scorpions. They are probably the closest thing to a Forge World house chapter. They have been in several of the Imperial Armour books.
Here are some Copplestone low tech SciFi mercenaries. They might get drafted into our Space Zombie / Alien game.  Otherwise they can hunt down monsters in a jungle somewhere. They are old school models just single pieces of metal but they manage to turn out OK. I might need to make up some sort of leader, either a corporate exec or someone to be their commanding officer.


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