Inquisitor and retinue exploring the underhive

I have been building an Inquistor and his small retinue to go with my Adeptus Mechanicus and or Imperial knights when I expand the army to 1750 points.

With Pete organising the Fields of Blood tournament at the end of the year at 1750 points I suspect this will become the default points values for games at the warlords.

I bought the set of walls for the Necromunda boards from Death Ray Designs. I received a big pile of MDF from Canada. The pieces are very nicely cut and just about fall out of the boards when you pick them up. There are three pieces, columns single end walls and double length walls. There are a number of different wall panel variations including doors and vents. The walls all hook into the columns so you get a robust layout of walls.

Here is a WIP of my Inquisitor and his retinue standing next to some of the panels I made. I have the Inquisitor waving his sword a pistol the Astropath staring at his magic 8 ball of wisdom 4 Crusaders liberated from the gladiators reality TV show and an Eversor assassin because nothing says the inquisition was here like a room full of corpses.

The photo is taken in deliberately harsh lighting to represent the harsh artificial lights in the underhive.

I can also see these terrain pieces coming in handy for games of Judge Dredd representing inside a building, Infinity or some Marine on Marine skirmish action in the Badab war. So far I have made 14 of the pillars and there are about 6 to go, I have made 13 single walls and 1 double wall with several more to go. So its a big set of terrain.


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