Hobby Update - Xenomorph walls.

 Here are some shots of how I made my terrain that we used in the last couple of Stargrave mission.

I made the walls out of some Polustyrene sheet. It was easy to slice up with the Proxon. I curved the walls.. I also made up some square pillars to be the corners
I then rolled out the DAS clay into thin sheets textured it with the Hive World roller from Green Stuff world. To make sure there is a good grip between the clay and the substrate, I applied a layer of PVA glue to the walls. The clay is then draped over the walls and then cut to shape. While the clay is soft you can push it gently into shape.
I made an arch and a smaller wall out of some off cuts.
I broke off the ends off some of the walls to make them more tumbled down. I then used the pieces to make other smaller walls.
Here is another shot of the walls and the arched wall. Making a set of terrain like this was interesting. The rules specifically suggest not making a whole series of narrow corridors. 
Once the clay had dried I painted it black and then dry brushed it with green. This brings out some of the texture in the walls. 

This is the objective marker in the third scenario, this goes into the centre of the table and is the only exit. You also need to make a will test (or fall in) 
Here are the off cuts I made into extra bits of wall. These can be attached to any of the other walls or be bits by themselves.


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