Carnevale - Cthulhu holidays in Venice

Carnevale is a warband skirmish game set in Renaissance Venice infused with monsters and magic from another dimension.

I tried out the game with a skirmish against Thomas's Nobles. I used the Doctors faction these are what Doctor Frankenstein would get up to if he ran Arkham Asylum without any medical oversight.

The Doctors create cyborg zombie creatures to do their fighting and make all sorts of steampunk devices.

Here is my crew, I have a wizard leader, some monsters a magically imbued madman and Nursey.
This is Thomas's crew of Nobles out for a pub crawl. Tom has done a good job painting the nobles to look like they are individuals but have several similar style elements to they look like part of the same faction.
My Monsters have spread out a bit and my canonier has moved up ready to lay down some electroshock therapy.

My Crocodile forgot how to swim. Nursey moved up to lay down some healing on the cannonier and the orderly.
The Lion moved up to block charge lanes. Some shooting and magic was exchanged.
A Brutal fight erupts. Thomas tries to attack my canonier The Lion intercepts one attacker and then gets stabbed right hard for its trouble. The nest noble then got into combat with the canonier who survived. My Dr. of Beasts the stabbed him with his shock pole and pushed him into the canal. The Orderly attacked Thomas's leader and then pushed him into the canal to cool off.
The flying monkey moved up next and the crocodile made it out of the water.
At the start of the next turn I won the initiative and my leader blasted both nobles in the water and then zapped another one. At this point the Nobles decided to go in search of another drinking hole somewhere else.

This is a fun game. There are a whole range of different scenarios which require different capabilities. The water makes for a very different game and the vertical elements from the buildings mean you can play the games without needing to have a stand up fight. 


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