Hobby update, - Sarrissa Precision Colony B

I have been enjoying listing to the Alien RPG sessions from Garblag Games. They created a new adventure Desolations Edge. This is set in the Union of Progressive People. The whole adventure is kind of like Hunt for the Red October with Xenomorphs.

The crew of adventurers investigated a UPP installation full of tight corridors blind corners and pikes leaking steam. It also featured a rendition of "I did it my way!" in a Russian accent. The bees from the Hyrdoponics labs got infected with black goo and started mutating.

I got inspired by this title cover to add some pipe detail to the interior of the MDF buildings. I cut up a box of paper straws to make the pipes.

Here is a section of corridor with pipes. Alan suggested I keep the candy cane theme, but I think I'm going with something grimier. I cut the ends of the pipes so the parts of the building fit together.

Now with some inhabitants from my Gale Force 9 Another Glorious Day in the Core game.


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