Stargrave Case 8 - please do not shoot at the nuclear reactor.

On the way back to our spaceship, Engineer Rumzen advised that he was detecting unusual radiation emissions. 

"These reading look like someone is releasing warp particles into real space. That is not sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus". 
"Anything that might weaken the fabric of real space when we have so many infected on the station sounds like something we need to stop before it becomes a full-scale demonic incursion."

Here is the reactor, surrounded by some labs and storage bunkers. Surrounding the emitter tower is a shaft that goes down into the bowls of the station. - Watch your step.
The inquisition team arrive into what could have been a store room for equipment. Now after the plague outbreak every room looks like a warzone and there are many tales of last stands described in the placement of equipment and barricades. 
There was a blip on our motion detectors but it turned out to be a distortion caused by the warp particles. (Blips are a "false alarm" if you roll a 1-5)
Orks Sir! Fousands of em! George's Ork warband have deployed into a corner, They immediately discover some zombies. Unfortunately this would not be the last we would see of them. One of George's Orks had been infected with the plague. Suddenly the Ork doubled over and became a zombie. (he gets better after the game)
The inquisition team make their way across the first room. Fortunately, this room is free of the infected. Suddenly the door is full of them. Three former soldiers are packed into the doorway.
Sgt Major Williams had been bitten in the last game started convulsing, however the Inquisitor activated his neural implant and that allowed the soldier to resist the plague.
(I had given Williams the Neural Chip which increases his will by 1, and this was just enough to allow him to pass the test).
Malus and her warband made their way past some sort of equipment storage bay. They had encountered one zombie and were struggling to put it down.
The orks a spreading out across an engineering bay. They have several zombies to deal with and there is one loot token in the room. There are also a loot tokens to the right and left of the Orks.
Here we are stuck in the logjam in the door. it took all this turn to clear the zombies. My interrogator is leading some of the team off to the right to get a second loot token.
Engineer Rumzan is unlocking the loot, then Bzzt picked it up and started for the board edge. Bzzt is a mono task servitor optimised for carrying cargo. So while he is not the best conversationalist if you want a box moved then he is perfect. We have just managed to clear the doorway. Bob the servo skull has made it to the reactor controls. Interrogator Thatcher is leading the team to another loot token "looks clear" - famous last words.
We have made it into the next room. The treasure is in the next room and the orks are at the far end of the corridor.
Suddenly its not clear. Dr Needles gets jumped by a couple of zombies. Everyone is trying to get ready to fight the orks.

We now have all the doors open, the rest of the team are starting to arrive in support. Interrogator Thatcher is covering the door. Gunner Graeme jumps over to help Dr Needles.
Here's the Orks at the other end of the corridor. We have signed Imperial Death Warrants for those Ork Gunners. The interrogator is trying to collect.
Bzzt is making his way back with the cargo box the last members of the team are making their way out of the room.
Inquisitor Rathbourne leads the rest of the team to help out. This time he will use the preemptive retaliation strategy and kill off the orks first. I think he has just inspired Chef Rybeck. 
There were certainly plenty of comments about whether you prefer your xenos regular or extra crispy.
Gunner Graeme has moved over to help out Dr Needles.
I managed to get my drone onto the warp generator however Alan managed to get a whole fireteam. My Drone moved into combat with inquisitor Malus to try and delay her.
Gunner Graeme bashes the zombie and pushes it back. Dr Needles get bitten so will have to check for becoming a zombie next game.
Interrogator Thatcher is engaging the Orks through the doorway.
Inquisitor Rathbourne takes down a zombie with his void blade. Interrogator Thatcher dropped the Ork Lieutenant.
Broo-aaargh took down my Drone and then posed on the reactor waving bits of spinal cord and bionics. Malus made her escape into the smoke.
Engineer Rumzan and Chef Rybeck move into the room with the loot. The Ork Boss laid down a smoke grenade to block the machinegun fire blasting through the doorways. Inquisitor Rathbourne has taken down the second zombie.
Gunner Graeme blasted one of the Ork gunners with a critical hit taking him out instantly, the other gunner was reduced to 2 wounds and limped away from the engagement.
The Ork Warboss is looikng around wondering where all his boyz have gone. "Get up yer gits, stop lying around bleeding!"
George has an Ork Sniper with a shotgun. This is typically Orkish in its incongruity. George can also buff the shooting ability of the Orks. So that guy is a right menage if he can get close enough.
There were a couple of orks in the room just outside the treasure room. Engineer Rumzan picked up the treasure after the Interrogator user her override code to open it.
Chef Rybeck moved up to hold back the Orks. The cone of flame from his burner caught the Warboss but his Mega Armour kept him alive. 

With 2 treasures secured everyone legs it. Trooper Sugden is last man out. He hides in the smoke so the zombies can't shoot him then he runs away as well.

I got a +1 fight sword and a psychic dampening field.
I kept the sword and sold the field with a couple of other items that gave me enough to upgrade the ship with extra quarters so I can field 5 specialists. Now I need to find one to hire.
Chef Rybeck failed his survival roll but Dr Needles brought him back to life with the advanced medical suite. "I'm too tough to die Rybeck growled around his cigar."

So another game where I ended up fighting the Orks to scrabble a second treasure while Alan got to poder his nose and walk off with the central treasure.


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