Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Exterminatus

Admiral Akrell looked at the orders in his hand. Finally his command would be going to engage the chaos fleet. Even if guarding a mining colony wasn't the most noble sounding assignment.

Jame's fleet of Blood Soaked Berserkers were out to misbehave and commit an atrocity on the Imperial Mining colony.

Here is my fleet defending the planet. We also have some planetary defenses and some converted freighters, filled with highly inflammable stores.

I have some more ships out on patrol that might come back to assist in time. Here we are lining for some gentle nova cannon fire.

Here is James's fleet, they have been burning hard diverting power to engines to minimise the time in Nova Cannon range. here are a pair of ancient grand cruisers, 2 squadrons of Devastation cruisers and 2 Slaughter class cruisers. James has a wave of ordnance out in front. One of my reinforcing squadrons of Cobra Destroyers has arrived and is about to launch a torpedo salvo at the carriers.

The Slaughter class cruisers are closing rapidly their overpowered engines buring hot. The Carriers are angling away to minimise return fire and give them more time to launch bomber waves.
My Cobras are doing an admirable job of drawing off the enemy bomber waves.

The Slaughter class cruisers are taking the brunt of the fire from the Imperial fleet. Torpedoes and squadrons of attack ships add to the damage inflicted by ship borne weapons. One of the defence towers has been destroyed.
A Nova Cannon shot lands on one of the chaos carriers. The survivor of Seeker squadron is trailing along behind and adding gunfire when it can. Its a bit dangerous being that close to a Nova Cannon target.
I manage to spring my trap. Two fireships make it into proximity of the Slaughter cruisers, their crews abandoning ship via savior pods. Two tremendous explosions reach out and engulf the chaos ships. The explosions cause automatic fore critical hits. One ship gets 5 fire critical hits and the other ship gets three.
The sacrifice of the chaos cruisers had been nothing more than a distraction. the two grand cruisers had sped down the side of the board and reaching their target point released a bioweapon onto the Imperial colony. The Irrefutable Justice is taking fire from both sides and had to go onto Brace for Impact orders to avoid being crippled. As such it could not fire back at the Chaos Cruisers and there just wasn't enough firepower to stop them.
One of my patrolling cruisers never made it back in time to the battle. The Slaughter cruisers have faded into the dark. While losing the colony we inflicted enough damage on the chaos fleet to leave our renown intact.




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