Kill Team - Blood for the Blood God

On Saturday I took on Ed's Veteran Guardsmen with my Legionaries. I decided to try out an all Khorne team. I took, a Chosen, Butcher, Annointed, Shrivetalon, Gunner with Flamer and Gunner with Heavy Bolter.

This battle was taking place with the Guardsmen defending a ruined Imperial Shrine.

We were deployed along the short edges of the table. My general strategy would be to move up in conceal on the first turn and then blitz the guardsmen in a whirlwind of close combat bloodletting. My Heavy Gunner managed to shoot one guardsman and then killed a second with an overwatch burst after the trooper had the temerity to shoot at him.
The guardsmen taking up defensive positions in the ruins of the shrine. The battle cries of the Chaos Space Marines echoing through the gloom.
Ed did the common Imparial Guard play and dashed almost his whole team forwards. This put him in range of the objectives. With the first activation he moved a pair of his GA2 troopers onto the central objectives and looted them.
This is why they say life expectancy in the guard is 20 minutes. You get sent to hold an objective out in the open. All Ed's heavy hitters are holding back waiting for the right moment to strike.
My Butcher had survived being shot by the sniper and a Krak grenade. He had wounded a guardsman on objective two (everyone forgets he has a bolt pistol and can shoot as well as any other marine. Ed Moved up his medic to heal him, I then over watched the guardsmen to take him back to two wounds.
I managed to win the initiative and activated the Butcher, he charged the medic and chopped him down. The Reap from his axe, damage killed the guardsman as a bonus.
The Butcher then used Perpetual aggression to roll forwards and chop down the grenadier behind the barricade. This gave me 4 secondary victory points. The Butcher then rolled forward again to the next guardsman.
My Chosen charged forwards and dispatched the Confidant Veteran. Success is fleeting however as he promptly got meltagunned. The Annointed booped the objective and then moved forwards. He then took a round of fire from the Sniper. 
My heavy gunner is busy running back and forth booping the buttons. While trying to close down the angles and cover the places guardsmen might want to be.
Here is Ed moving his Melta Gunner to shoot my Chosen. He had 3APL after being boosted by the comms trooper. My Flamer marine had moved up to boop the objective and then move around the corner of the building. However this didn't save him from Ed's mine which can shoot through walls.
By turn 4 the Butcher and the Annointed have been killed. The Butcher took out the Hardened before succumbing. The ShriveTalon had booped another objective and them moved over to kill the sergeant however he rolled poorly and with the sergeant survived. However, he then tried to attack back and the ShriveTalon and the Khorne marines superior reflexes allowed him to strike first.

In the end the game was very close with the Khorne Marines squeaking out a 16-15 win.

So a very close and exciting game, Khorne is very pleased with the amount of blood spilled.


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