Sargrave the Magnificant 10 part 2

I was thinking this was going to be a relatively easy mission. Then I realised I had misread the rules for slaver reinforcements. I thought there was one group of reinforcements in turn 4 and another in turn 8. It turns out there should be another group of reinforcements in a random corner in each of the first 4 turns. So I rolled up and put a random group in each corner, creating a second wave of attackers. Fortunately I failed to roll up another chaos space marine.

The inquisitor gets bashed and pushed back, the cultists are trying to push him back so they can get to Vel. A counter charge from Chella and Drix drives the cultists back.
Will this be the end of the brave Trooper Sugden? After blasting one cultist he jumped into combat with another and promptly got incapacitated by a crit 20. Brother Athos is trying to block the gap between the school hit and the village hall and intercept all the cultists trying to grab villagers. A veritable whirlwind of ceramite as bounds back and forth between opponents. The Flawless Host marine is damaged but still functional and is moving towards the village hall and the largest concentration of potential captives.
Two of the Daemonettes have grabbed villagers and are dragging them out of the village. I have no one that can get to them in time.
Another group of cultists, troopers and a bound Daemonette are approaching from beyond the farm ponds. They will have to be dealt with.
The Vicar is being dragged off the board edge by a cultist. Williams is too badly wounded to interfere.
Another group of cultists has entered behind the corner house. Their screams mingle with the cries of the villagers being dragged away.
Tiberius heals Athos again, the space marine rapid healing and his stalwart determination is the only thing keeping him going. His snap shot misses the chaos marine, he then charges the chem stimmed cultist. The Cultist overdoses from the continued effort and collapses in a boneless heap.
The Inquisitor, Chella and Drix have seen off the first group of cultists and are falling back to the central hall with the villagers.
Athos has engaged another cultist to save the Verger. Williams makes the play of his career, with his wounds knitting from accelerated healing he tosses a frag grenade over the roof killing two cultists and then charges around the corner into the survivors.  Williams kills the first cultist and then charges the last of the group. Truly a story for the sagas.
Inquisitor Rathbourne activates his Dark Blade and charges into the group of cultists as they round the agri ponds. The first cultist charges the inquisitor and gets slashed and driven back, the follow up strike impales the second. The troopers blade draws the inquisitor's blood and then the Daemon was sashed and driven back.
Two groups of cultists have made it into contact to with the main group of villagers. Pierce drops a Daemonette with a bolt through the head. He then charges into a cultist but gets incapacitated with a critical hit. Athos smashes a trooper.
Chella hits the Chaos Marine and finally the monster topples over.
The villagers that can make a break for the central hall guarded by Tiberius and Williams.
The Inquisitor raced back and slashed a cultist. Bother Athos is raining bows on the others, Williams manages to assist with a well placed grenade.

Williams vaults over the rail to assist in mopping up the last cultists.
The last cultist finally falls.
The seven villagers we saved.
The four of us still standing.
Fortunately, everyone makes a full recovery thanks to Doctor Houlihan and the Advanced medical suite on the ship.

Vel offers us an archeotech weapon (A +1 damage carbine that only takes up one slot). We got 300 xp and 210 gold. 

The village is a bit of a mess. The inquisitor voxes back to the nearest military unit and orders up a detachment of enforcers to secure the area and track down the raiders. Mentions of Chaos Space Marines are suppressed and the body is burned. with a Melta bomb.

That was a really tough fight. 

Vel starts telling us the story about the station and how we might destroy it. We will need the security access codes to get into the station. These were last seen on a ship crashing into the sea on another planet.

Next episode Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea



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