Death Guard kill team

I have been having some fun building some plague marines and pox walkers for my Death Guard kill team. As with most of my kill team projects it has grown rather out of control.

The new Plague Marine models are suitably disgusting with loads of horrible details, tentacles spilling out of cracked armour and all sorts of boils lesions and buboes.

The models are all the new style with arms, legs and torsos designed to go together in specific combinations. This does limit conversion options but it does allow GW to pack loads of detail onto the models in ways which would not have been possible with the old flat jointed arms and weapons.

One thing that is annoying is that the new malignant plague caster is only available in the large boxed starter set. There is no blister pack option for this model. So I have converted a couple out of some plague marines. Some curly wood elf bits from the spares box helped in making the gnarled staves they carry.

I have been thinking of linking 40K and kill team battles, for example the winner of the 40K battle could have the strategic advantage in a follow up game of Kill Team or the winner of the kill team game could have choice of table side or a bonus to determining who goes first.

 Here is a character I got inspired to paint. I made him about 10 years ago. it made no sense to paint him but the creative impulse was on me so I enjoyed spending a couple of hours painting the bruised flesh.
 Here are the plague marines, I have been painting the pink tentacles ans started work on highlighting the green armour. The Plague Marines are quite a bit bigger than the old marines.

I made some more marines by mounting some of the MK 3 legs under some of the spare plague marine torsos. They look OK but are a bit shorter than some of the Plague Marines.

Here are the pox walkers most of these are the push fit models are  but the details are very nice.


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