Raid on Saurian Major.

Alan, Richard and I got together for our third game of Last Days. In our campaign, the Alliance led by President Lester have been absorbing groups of survivors. Being a member of the alliance offers safety and security but it also means following the diktats of the ruling council and turning over all your supplies and equipment.

The Alliance have a radio transmitter which is broadcasting their appeal for members and their news. It is also jamming independent groups who have low powered basic sets. Our heroes have gone out to try and disable the communications.

 This is an overview of the compound. This is surrounded by Jungle, this is the Warlord Games special operations compound. We used Alan's collection of scenery to provide the details.

 Here are the defenders, there are a couple of soldiers and a selection of gang members and survivors from the Warlord Games Project Z sets.
 We each picked a corner to approach from. Richard needed supplies for his group, Some food and water would go a long way to improving morale and the condition of his group.
My team of Federation Security are trying to sneak past the zombies. I don't have silencers and I don't want to alert the defenders when I am so far away. I also don't have a bow so I can't make zombie kebabs.
 Alan's crew are more like techno barbarians, one of his characters Sven is running around with no shirt and is armed with an axe that looks like it was made from an old propeller blade.
Richard's crew have a dog, I am not sure but his name seems to be "Zombie Magnet" Because no one else made noise all the Zombies wandered towards Richard's Dog.

 My team have let the zombies walk off the loot counters and are now ready to recover them.

This photo is also Proof of Life for NZ wargaming celebrity Pete Dunn.
Trying to get the right models to the loot counters is tricky, rather than have your best fighters take point and then get bogged dragging the heavy loot around, you want to have your support characters pick up the loot. Then your fighters can fight.
 Here is one of Alan's crew he is a runner wearing what looks like sports armour or MMA training gear. You can see Nolty Alan's archer and his guy in a trench coat.
 Sven walks past the loot counter with his eyes on his next victim.
 Richard's crew are attacked by Zombies. Richard had several turns of bad dice rolls which saw a large proportion of his gang bogged down. His combat characters are leading the way.
 My team are talking through the forest so we are hidden from the Alliance troopers.
 Alan's crew have gotten passed the zombies in their area,and are sneaking towards the compound. Alan's fireman still has the helmet and ax from his former job.
 The Alliance soldiers are getting ready to go on patrol.
 Richard is fighting some zombies that are proving very hard to kill.
 My team are getting ready to breach the gates.
 Alan's firefighter breaches the fence and then Alan's crew storm in engaging the alliance troopers in close combat. The planned patrol is aborted as a section of the fence goes down and a horde of screaming barbarians go through the gate.
 Richard is still stuck on the Zombies.
 However his crew get their act together and dismantle the Zombies.
The defenders rush to stem the breach in their defenses.  Sven engages the bicker chick while the Mountie engages Alans troops with his pistol.
The Federation team breach the gates, there is wild hacking and stabbing melee going on behind the shed.
The one member of the defenders who was resting when the attack took place dashes backwards and forwards while trying to find a good place to support her colleagues while not getting shot.
 The Federation team storm through the gates. Travis takes cover behind the Hummer, The Mutoid is a bit more casual, but then she is Toughness 5, 5 Wounds so is hard to kill.
 Alan's crew have demolished the defenders without taking any fatalities. Commander Travis shoots Alan's guy in a banana skin.
 Richard's crew have caught up. The firefighter Des makes short work of the fence and heads for the water tank.
 Alan has now killed off almost all of the defenders and is stopping to strip them of their weapons.
 Des is leaving with a large barrel full of water.
 Travis and the Mutoid board the Hummer and try to find the keys or hot wire it. It takes a couple of tries. They don't go for smart in the federation, just your ability to follow orders.
Finally vehicle starts, Two Zombies are pressing on the fence drawn by the noise of the engine.
Alan's crew are falling back with their loot.
 The Zombies break in, Travis sets the jeep in motion, they stop to pick up Servalan and trooper Green.
Troopers we are leaving.

Richards crew killed the final defender and then nicked all their foodstuffs and fuel.

So we left the Alliance facility out of action. It will require repairs and resupply before it can be used again.

The Scenario didn't quite turn out like I imagined, Alan stormed the compound faster than I thought possible, I was expecting to have a shootout while the teams battled into the compound.

The Defenders also had a defence plan which they never got to enact. They had fuel drums outside the compound set to explode which would have set fire to the vegetation. However they never not a chance to get near the control.


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