Saga Undead Legion

I have been doing some more work on my Saga Undead Legion.

I have a Necromancer Warlord, I like this option because it gives me a Warlord who can influence the battle without needing to get into combat. I have a foot model a mounted model and one on winged beast. There are advantages to all three alternatives. The drawback is that a Necromancer is pretty rubbish in combat.

I am still finalising the Spells, I do like nightmares, especially when combined with Curse, it can double the effect, Precognition is a nice defensive boost and then either Rush or Bane look useful.

I like 2 points of Hearthguard this usually gives me a hard hitting unit. I will spend half a point on a Lieutenant. I need to make some rounded end bases for them, I added a round base to the ends of the old cavalry bases. to better fit in with other models.
I have some GW black knights if I go with the mounted options and some Cryx Bane Thralls if I want to use some on foot.

The other half point of hearthguard I will spend on a Lieutenant.

 I have a Titan and 1 point of creatures, I will probably use the creatures as quadrupeds, that gives me a longer reach to charge into combat. Being a quadruped makes me more vulnerable to shooting

I then have 4 points of Warriors, these will be my tar pit. They can soak up damage and be brought back. I will then spend half a point on a catapult. 

I am also building my themed terrain, this makes my necromancy more powerful so I get back more skellies.

I also need 3 objectives for Adepticon so I am making some grave markers.

To finish the bases I need to scrape off the excess grass and add some snow.


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