Necromunda, Van Saar test drive

 After our first iteration gangs got rather too powerful we have made new starting gangs. I am building a Van Saar gang, thinking that the game is likely to be better with house gangs rather than the outliers. Van Saar's are almost the complete opposite to the cannibal meat workers

We went to James's house to play because the Club facilities have been turned into an emergency vaccination center. James has a great room for gaming so everyone had loads of fun.

I played James's Delaque gang. In theory this should be two shooting gangs having a shoot out.

I don't really want to deploy above ground level because Van Saars have rubbish initiative.
I have just about made it out of my deployment zone past the sniper fire and now a monster is stalking my back field.
James Juve with Hand Flamer makes it around the corner and flames three of my gang. None of the flames wound but everyone is on fire. Yeah! At least the Juve has taken a flesh wound from my Radiation stratagem.
A couple of my guys manage to fall over and put the flames out. My Specialist with Suppression laser takes a wound and goes out of action.

My Gang Leader manages to fall over and roll around but not out out the flames.
My Juve with a treasure attacks the Delaque Juve to stop him flaming me again. This starts a serios handbag slap fight.
My Gang are lying around having a good time. James's close combat monster ate my champion after he fell of the landing. My shooters are doing OK with James's snipers. But now the monster is getting to them. James's Shadow Master has appeared and tried to web my Juve. Fortunately the webs don't stick.

My Ganger is trying to not get eaten by the close combat Delaque. I am trying to fail my Initiative test so I can't break off otherwise James would get to attack me on a 2+ My other shooter has already been eaten.
My Juve managed to shank the Delaque Juve with his knife when he broke off. Then he got shot and taken out of action. James had been shooting into the combat and one of his snipers managed to shoot his own guy but failed to wound him. 

My Spealist managed to shoot James's Shadow Master with his suppression laser, I used the stratagem that doubled the strength of my laser weapons and I managed to take him out with a Skull.

In the end my three surviving models managed to escape with two treasure boxes. I made 100 Credits revenue so I bout a new Juve on hover board. I have three models out of action next game so I will be down 2 models.

My Specialist managed to earn enough experience to get an advance. He now joins the Ballistic skill 2+ club.

This was a very scary game with loads of wild swings. Fortunately my armour held up way better than specification. I think I only failed 2 armour saves all game.


  1. Nice writeup John and sounds like a fun game. What I would give to see that handbag slap fight up close. hahaha

    That table has some great terrain too! Makes me realise I need a bigger table and more vertical terrain!


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