Rangers of Shadow Deep - The Spiders Picnic

Arzad and his crew finally figured out the direction of the strange tracks and drag marks (failing the Tracking roll). The party made it to the edge of the forest. Some of the trees were covered with sticky strands.

"Spiders I bet", 
"Disgusting creatures" 
"Some healers have made medicine out of the venom and some artisans make silk cloth out of the spider silk."
"The only artistic things we will be doing is finding new ways to kill them!"

Turn 1
Arzad spotted a Spider though the trees and skewered it with an arrow.
The Archer shot another spider and wounded it.
The rest of the party ran forwards as did the other spiders.
An extra spider appeared near one of the nest trees.

Turn 2
The Swordsman kills the wounded spider
Arzad misses a spider, as does the archer.
A spider bites Arzad but he parries with his shield
The Rogue opens a cocoon and frees a survivor, the wizard also frees a survivor.
A bright ray of sunshine breaks through a gap in the trees and sends one of the spiders scuttling away.

Turn 3
Arzad continues fighting the spider without a result
The Swordsman kills a second spider
The archer misses a spider
A spider attacks the swordsman and gets disemboweled.
A third spider bits the swordsman and poisons him
A spider attacks the Arcanist and he is left poisoned and wounded.
A spider bites the Rogue leaving him poisoned and wounded
The Wizard heals the Swordsman curing him of the poison
The Archer leaps into combat and shanks a spider with her knife.
Stumbling back from the combat the Arcanist ends up tangled in the web.

Turn 4
The Swordsman kills his fourth spider
Arzad opens a cocoon and finds that the occupant is to far gone to help but the victim has been turned into a Zombie. The Zombie attacks Arzad who decapitates it to put it out of its misery.
The Wizard finds and frees a third survivor.
The survivors all start making their way to the edge of the table.
One of the survivors gets tangled in a web.

Turn 5
The Swordsman finds a dead body in the cocoon
Arzad leads the rest of the party towards the nest trees
A spider emerges from a previously unseen nest tree near the wounded members of the party and the survivors who are trying to escape.

Turn 6
Arzad burns a nest tree as does the wizard.
The Swordsman reaches a third nest tree and readies his tinder to burn down another tree
The Archer turns back and wounds the spider heading towards the wounded party members
The Spider blunders into the arcanist who promptly kills it with the assistance of the Rogue
Two of the survivors run off the table
A spider emerges from the next tree the Swordsman is trying to burn down.

Turn 7
Arzad races over to help the Swordsman, he needn't have bothered, the Swordsman skewers the last spider. 
The Swordsman burns the third tree and the Magician burns the last.
The Arcanist moves into contact with the last nest tree.

Turn 8
The Arcanist burns the last tree as the rest of the party moves back to their camp.

Wrap  up
We killed 7 spiders and 1 Zombie, burned the whole spider colony and rescued 3 survivors. So we earned 99 experience and all the retinue earned another 2 progression points. The Treasured turned out to be a set of magic Lock Picks.

Arzad gets to advance to level 1 and increase his skills by 5 points.

For the next mission I need to paint up some Gnolls


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