Mission to Destiny

Richard, Alan and I went down to the club to play a game of Last Days, we are starting a Seasons campaign.
The Club has bought a number of mats for the club to use. Here is an ancient game being played on a couple of the mats, its some kind of Macedonian  pike army against some kind of legionary style army. Its nice to see members using the club facilities to enhance their games.

Here is an overview of our game table. We got to use one of the clubs new mats. Most of the terrain is mine, supplemented by some of Alan's and some of the club's trees.

This table depicts a group of survivors who have broken down in a bad part of town (there is a good part?) while getting the parts and fixing their truck some zombies have approached.

Here are a couple of side views of the table. We decided to play using our NZ months for the seasons rather than the US months from the book. Appropriately we rolled up rain so visibility was limited to 18" cutting down any long range sniper fire.
 This is Alan's gang, it includes a huge guy with a blade made out of a slab of sheet steel and a guy in a banana skin costume, this makes him inspirational. Maybe in the same way a real estate agent would describe Harrenhal castle as an opportunity for the owner to increase its market value.

This is Richard's gang of goodies. He has a mix of survivors with a variety of weapons, including an archer, a sniper and a mix of other firearms.

 Here are my Federation security team, I only have seven members once of which is trooper Baldrick whose specialty is getting shot. He managed to survive a mission for the first time, last game so we will see how he does in this mission

 We were nearer to some of the zombies than the truck group so some of the zombies turned around towards the nearer groups of people. The first zombie lurches over the ruined walls and is promptly shot down with a burst of fire.
 The Federation troops advance up to the ruined wall of the building
 Alan's gang are advancing through the ruined campsite. Not a very good place to stop, no protection and not remote.
 The survivors move into position to start fixing their truck while keeping back the zombies.
 Richards group mosey on over to the scene of the gunfight to see if anyone needs help.
 The Federation have secured some supplies, a meal a water purification tablet and some scavenge items. The lead troopers are closing in on the truck, "we come in peace"
 In a highly appropriate backdrop, Servalan Travis and Baldrick advance past the lethal force sign.
Trooper Green opens fire with his assault rifle aiming at the zombie but managing to hit two of the truck survivors. This summons a zombie who attacks trooper Black.
 This isn't quite a friendly fire incident but pretty close.

 Richards crew continue their saunter through the park.
 Two high performance vehicles arrive at the scene of battle
In a surprising move Servalan charges the zombie attacking trooper Black, the supreme command course must place an emphasis on the practical. The Zombie promptly gets knifed in the head. Trooper Green, Travis and Baldrick advance behind the ruined vehicle and open fire on the truck crew. Opening fire with heavy caliber weapons seems to attract zombies, who would have thought that was likely?

A couple of Alan's gangers have taken cover behind a tree and are om overwatch. Travis orders trooper Baldrick to take point and he races towards the truck. Both the overwatch shots miss, this allows trooper green to step around the side of the car and opens fire.
 Richards rescue posse are now arriving at the truck. Zombies are now closing on Richard. Models out of the fight and spare zombies are being stored on nearby buildings. One of the Zombies is wearing a judge costume.
 Zombies are now closing on Alan's position. A surplus assault rifle can make a lot of noise
 The last truck survivor is trying to get rid of the zombie so he can finish repairing the truck.

The Zombie eats the last truck crew man, One of the truck survivors has charged Alan's berserker, he only has a club so waiting to get shot isn't a good strategy. The two meet in the forest and exchange blows both take a serious wound.
The Pirates get out their vehicles, there is Snake Plissken, Hulk Hogan in a Santa costume, the Executioner and Rico Dredd. Trooper Green is engaged in a firefight with a couple of Alan's gangers. He takes down one of the crimmo's. The Truck crewman gets shanked behind the trees by Alan's gangers.
Richard's Samaritans arrive at the truck to be greeted by the locals. There are now almost two different battles at each end of the truck.
 Des, the former firefighter climbs into the cab and gets to work starting the truck. Trooper green opens fire and riddles both Des and the cab.
Hulk Hogan gets blasted before he can decide which weapon to use. Trooper Baldrick gets blasted by the truck survivors and this time he dies.
 The Federation troopers pull back to deal with an infestation. Servalan provides covering fire.
 Richard is engaged with the Zombies, several are rather exotic dancers.
 Rico and the executioner pull back to their vehicles
 Sara their cohort climbs into the truck cab ready to drive off with them
 Alan's gang have collected their loot and are heading away from the battle. Their preferred escape route is swarming with zombies so they retreat by an alternate route and the zombies get bottled up in the walls.
 Richard's sniper is surveying the area to identify the next threat.
 Travis used his chainsaw to kill two zombies and he and trooper Green aid Trooper black. With the last of the troopers safe from Zombies, the Federation team leave the table
 Richard's punk chick climbs into the cab and manages to brain the last of the hijackers in the truck. Then Richards crew drive the truck off.


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