Do not leave your back door unlocked in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Alan, Richard and I managed to get in another game of our Last Days seasons campaign. Due to the corona virus and getting sick as soon as we emerged from our lockdown, we have not played this for the last 3 months. So we are now into Winter There is more cold rain and less snow than in Canada, but with less cars around it seems colder this year so there may be more snow this winter than usual.

In this scenario our groups of survivors have come across a groups base being overrun by Zombies. Richards crew are keen to rescue the people and Alan is keen to rescue their supplies.  Apparently you can't leave all that food out in the sun it might go off.

In this mission we tried out my extra scary encounters. Playing the game we found that Courage and especially Intelligence had become the dump stat of the game. You rarely used these abilities compared to the more combat related abilities. My idea was to put scifi horror themed encounters on the table that made characters make use of courage and intelligence. A model gets 1 xp for encountering a marker and another 5 if they pass the test and figure it out. This is the same as gathering in an objective. It also gives those more academic teams a way to get some experience.
 There is a big mob of zombies at the gate and some late arrivals coming along. Alan is preparing his crew of crazies

  Here is the other end of the board with some more survivors and some more zombies. You can also see a couple of the special objectives.
Here are most of my crew, the other tow have gone around the other side of the house. My crew have their season two costumes.
 The Zombies have broken down the gate and are pouring across the compound towards the defenders
 My team clearing some initial zombies. You have to be careful in that the noise you make killing one zombie doesn't attract more zombies than you kill, especially when you are close to the edge of the board

 More zombies at the back door. Richards crew start clearing out the zombies in their corner.

 Travis charged into a zombie, he then spent the rest of the game locked in combat unable to bash its brains in. Alan suggested he was trying to get its phone number. Travis also triggered one of the objectives but attracted by the zombie he failed his intelligence test.

The rest of force are advancing towards the objectives and dealing with the zombies. The Squad Support Weapon is great but it attracts zombies like wasps to honey. I think its very good for suppressing the zombies because its two knockback can shut down a zombie with a couple of hits. "Remember short controlled bursts".
The Zombie break in the other side of the compound. Richard's former firefighter Des stands in a hole he has breached in the wall. "Come with me if you want to live" he waves at the other survivors.

 The rest of Richards crew are busy dealing with the few nearby zombies .
 The zombies are breaking into the compound and overwhelming the survivors. People have done studies on the abilities of crowds to break down walls and doors. You only need to look at sports stadia after a riot. The steel handrails and fencing are all bent out of shape or torn off, and that's caused by people that feel pain. In New Zealand we regularly get 100+ KPH winds so people that want to build walls and fences need to take this into consideration.
 We break away from the Zombies and head towards the objectives. It took a few turns for my team to get used to their new costumes. I think it was 3 turns before I killed any zombies.
 After movement we make the jersey barriers. Baben holds bac the zombies with his machine gun so Travis doesn't get overwhelmed too quickly.

 My team have formed a firing line at the barriers to shoot the zombies. Alans team have also breached the fence. Alan's banana suited character triggers an event. Something makes a loud roar in the forest and several of Alan's crew fail their courage tests and squirt the musk of fear. All that noise is bound to attract zombies.
 The Survivors and zombies are attritioning each other while Alan's team offers support by shooting into the combat. The mostly hit the Zombies, mostly.
 Des grabs the Santa sack of goodies and leads the survivors out of their compound, away from the zombies.
 My crew eliminate the zombies behind the barrier and are now ready to affect entry into the compound.

 We grab an objective but all that shooting has attracted some more zombies. "it looks like you managed to cut off our escape route". "Is there another way out of here?
 The last of the survivors is dragged down by the zombies just as my team are ready to effect entry. Alans crew have rescued the other objective and now just need to get past the other zombies in their area. With a half naked mainiac wielding half a propeller blade and weapon skill 6 leading the way that's not really a challenge.

Richard's international rescue crew escort the survivors off the table while one of his guys investigates the objectives.

 More zombies are coming as my assault team affect entry. We clean out the remaining zombies in the courtyard
 Servelan makes it to the final objective while the rest of the troops provide covering fire.
With the objectives secured, the survivors rescued and the immediate threat of zombies dealt with, we end the game here.


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