Hobby Update

No game unfortunately this weekend. I got sick and have been washed out this weekend.

I have been making some more progress on my scifi terrain set. I have ordered some Mantic terrain crate scifi doors. Mantic might make Fugly Fantasy Figures (FFF) but they make great terrain.

I got the idea to combine my foam lava terrain with the TT combat terrain I bought a while back. I think I will try that next. I should get a chance to get some more painting done this weekend on these.

I just received my second terrain crate kickstarter. Its arrived just as me might be winding down our post apocalyptic games and moving back to the Frozen City of Frostgrave. Fortunately I have the terrain from the first terrain crate to finish and use. This is the trouble with kick starters, you really need to be able to guess what you want to play in 2 years time.

I was watching Kris Belleau painting chrome Necrons. This reminded me that I got some of the Terminator models from Warlord games back when they were having a clearance on the Terminator Genisys game. Its also useful because I bought an UR-025 model via TradeMe which will be very useful for my Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team. I will paint up UR in classic Cylon colours.

I got out my terminator models and started gluing them together. I also stuck the arms on the resistance fighters so I have two forces to use.

Next meeting will be Call To Arms our annual convention. Alan, Richard, Tom and I have plans to play a Scifi horror game. Corporate teams will be exploring a colony which has stopped communicating. There is definitely an opportunity to improve the profit margin by getting an exclusive on the information from the colony.

I also received some great basing materials from hugeminis.com. I saw these on one of Ash Barkers widgets and wonders videos. Who says social media influencers don't work?
These are mixtures of clump foam, static grass, bits of cork and other things. These are arranged on different themes like dry, swamp or forest floor. This makes it easy to get a varied look out of one clump of material on the base.

I bought the TooFatLardies (TFL) rules for Infamy Infamy. This is a large skirmish game featuring Romans against barbarian tribes (Britons, Gauls or Germans). You can also have a Roman civil war game. This game like many of the TFL games features units arriving on the table during the game via deployment or ambush points.

Command and control is random via a card deck or set of tokens. In theory every character or unit should get to activate but there is a random end of turn marker that can show up. There are also power up cards that can be spent on all sorts of things to activate units or to boost the attacks of units.

Units are typically 8-10 models and are usually individually based and then mounted in unit bases. There are also rumours of a Saga "age of ancients" game coming so the same armies could be used for both games.


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