Hobby update - building some stuff.

 I have been having some fun building some more terrain and progressing some models.

I need a new 3 room house or building for the first scenario in the Red King. So I built a modular house. The house is made up of 3 boxes that fit inside each other to simplify storage.

These are the three rooms stacked inside each other. These are just foam core shells. 

This is the three rooms fitting together. You can also have the buildings separate.

This is the house with the roofs on. the roofs are textured with tinfoil folded to look like stripes. This is going to be painted to look like corroded metal. The walls are textured DAS clay and will be painted to match the rest of the terrain.

We also have Stargrave coming from Osprey in March 21. this could be cool so I have bought some models from Bronze Age Miniatures. These might have some resemblance to some models from 2000AD stories.

I also have a new undead legion coming along.
This is a box of Oathmark Skeletons and some metal undead character models. This gives me three decent sized units and some characters.

I also got some models from Northstar Games as part of the order of the Red King supplement. These are a set of plastic daemonic warriors and some metal characters.

These are some houses I made out of plastic bowls

The curved roofs are detachable and made out of the bottom of the bowl.

This is a ruined version. So now I have 4 of the smaller one room buildings.

I got to use my multistory tower in a game of Frostgrave last weekend. This is a scratch built multi story building complete with stairs and windows. This makes it great for gameplay because you can have a mini game inside the building and interact with people outside it.

In the first game there was a race to the top of the tower, the treasure was tossed out the window followed by the thief that got it first and then my treasure hunter took a crossbow bolt to the face.

The tower is made from high density foam with card to make the walls. This lines up with the raised catwalks I made earlier.
The entrance is elevated, if you are a wizard its a great way to keep out door to door salespeople.
I carved a domed roof out of foam and filled in the gaps with filler.
The tower is then textured with DAS clay in Early Cthulhu period.
This is the tower after more clay work at this point it is 400 mm tall.

I added some more clay at the floor joints to smooth out any gaps.

The tower is now painted.

This is the tower in its game. A nice riverside property 


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