Second game of the year - end of an era

On Saturday James, Thomas and I got in another game of Frostgrave, we played the Silent Tower. So there were significant areas of the board nothing magical would work. I brought along my big tower for the first time. So the central objective was a multi story Tower, where no magic would work and the central treasure was right at the top of the tower.

The Red King is coming so we need to be ready. 

This is an overview of the table. The river is resin pieces with the banks built up a bit. The tower is also scratch built. The dead trees are from Mantic and are on bases from Galeforce 9
I came last in the initiative roll so I was stuck between the other players. Thomas and James were miles away from each other.
Thomas advances to the nearest treasure and Harry yanks it off the roof of the house and puts in next to his collection crew. Wingardium Treasurearium.
James has his elves in the other corner
James leaps one of his constructs to the edge of the antimagic aura.
My crew are advancing around the dead forest.
Marion leads the crew towards one of the treasures.
James put out the welcome mat while his construct marches towards the tower.
The crew advance to the magical barrier.
Robin makes his way under the stairwell. The idea was that he could put some pressure on the support characters of James's team. One of the treasures had spawned a couple of wild dogs. One wild animal showed up near James.
Will Scarlet makes his way towards the tower. He needs to make up some ground on Thomas' thief and somehow get past the construct.
Robin gets taken out by a critical hit from James's man at arms 
Will and the thief race past the construct and Eric makes his way towards the tower.
Much gets revenge for Robin and takes out the man at arms with a crit 20 arrow. A Ghoul has shown up next to the site of the melee. James managed to mind control the Ghoul.
We take down a wall and advance on the treasure. There had been a duel about raising and lowering walls.
Thomas's thief is racing up the tower chased by Will. Cue Benny Hill music
I am starting to run out of models. Alan escorts a treasure off the table. I am trying to blind the construct so we can push it out of range and pick up the treasure. The Ghoul is making a flanking maneuver.
A two headed wolf bear shows up next to the Elf wizard.
Thomas wins initiative and picks up the treasure. Will is almost there....
The thief moves to the window and chucks the treasure out the window to his cohorts below. Will arrives and kicks the thief out the window after the treasure. However he then takes a crossbow bolt and falls out of sight.
Marion has defeated the Ghoul for the moment and joined the fight next to the treasure. Nasir is down and Friar Tuck it mind controlled and is starting to wave his staff at little John. Little John fends him off and then bops him a good one. Friar Tuck manages to shake off the mind control and swig his own potion of healing.

My Apprentice manages to blind he construct with a 20 on the casting roll. However when Friar tuck tries to push it back, it pounds him into the ground.

Marion has been wounded by the Man at Arms and is then finished off by the Ghoul. Much gets bashed on the head with the Bard's guitar and falls over as well
Little John finally falls.

We make it back and the treasure turns out to be a grimoire and some gold. Then its onto the survival rolls. 
Marion rolls a 6 and is badly injured however she spends a night in the sarcophagus and gets better.
Robin, Little John and Friar Tuck all die. So that's all my metal Warlord games models die at one go.

Will Scarlet and Eric get badly wounded and must miss a game, however we are able to heal Will with a scroll of Miraculous Cure.

Marion goes down to Crazy Geoffs and liquidizes some assets and manages to recruit Robin of Loxley a captain and his retainer along with an Infantryman.

So a very tough game with high casualties that were expensive to fix.


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