Death Guard march closer

I have been working on my Death Guard models over the last week. Hopefully we will be able to get some people to play some basic games this weekend. The results can form the basis of the background to a future campaign.
 Here is a shot of the Plague Marines, these are loads of fun to paint with masses of horrible diseased details
Here is a unit of cultists made from a box of Flagellents I picked up at Call To Arms.  The guns were spares from the Cawdor Gangers set.

I am making another unit of cultists using the same bodies and some Genestealer Cult parts.

Here is a character I made out of a load of parts. I think I built him about 10 years ago and now he is getting finished. I need to do him a base.

Here are the pox walkers and some more marines. The ones in the earliest stages of progress are those that have not made the cut of the kill team drafts.

It looks like Death Guard got a points drop in the new chapter approved. Several units and weapons went down in cost. Although cultists went up in points.

Now I need to find out what size bases Daemon Princes go on. The I can build a base for the Raging Heroes Gluttony Daemon I bought a while back. Then he can lead a vectorum of Death Guard


  1. Daemon Princes go on 60mm rounds. They're also one of the most fun Chaos Units to play around with. Lots of possibilities there.

    1. Thanks, Now I know what sized base he is supposed to go on. I like the idea of giving him the plague spewer then he can psychic, shoot and fight.


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