Symptoms of Ferric Blight

I had a second game with the Death Guard on Saturday, the was against Carson's Necrons. This was in the same derelict warehouse as last time. This time the Genestealer cult had left and the Necrons had arrived. I changed some models from my list, I replaced the gunners with blight launcher with two with plasma gunners.
Both sides chose take forward positions and the Death Guard won the roll off so got to advance a couple of models.

The combat specialist and a pox walker stomped forwards leading the advance.

The Necrons won the initiative and began charging the front lines of the Death Guard with their flayed ones.

Crucially Carson used a reroll on a failed charge and then spent another on more bullets in the shooting phase.

 The Flayed ones charged the combat specialist and the pox walker with the shooting Necrons moving up and readying.

The Death Guard zealot charged in while the shooters readied and advanced.

The shooting was better than last game with the plasma gunner blasting the flayed on that failed its charge into scrap.

In the combat phase the deathguard sprang their trap and the combat specialist made a decisive strike on the two flayed ones in combat with him, taking them both out of action.

The combat specialist then tried to charge the immortal with gaus blaster and got zapped in overwatch and taken out of action.

The Zealot charged into combat with the Necron Warrior and the Champion charged the Flayed One in combat with the pox walker.

 The shooting is ineffective with maybe a fleshwound being exchanged.
The Zealot smashed the warrior into scrap and then advanced on the Immortal with Gaus Flayer
The Necrons ducked back so the Zealot charged the Immortal with Gaus Blaster and again took a a wound from overwatch, this time only a flesh wound.

The Plama gunner fell back to secure one of the objectives.

The Necrons shoot and take out the plasma gunner on the upper story.
The Champion and pox walker are scratching the Immortal but are unable to to penetrate its armour.

The Zealot hacked down the Immortal with his Bubotic Axe.
The Necron leader climbed through a hole in the wall for a better shot and got charged by the Zealot.
 The Bubotic Axe claimed another victim.
The Necron Morale collapsed and the game ended.


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