2018 in Review

Lots of people have been looking back over the year. 2018 has been a good year for my wargaming hobby and a year is a long time so I have forgotten some of the things I have done.

Warhammer 40K

Here is a WIP of inquisitor Eisenhorn. I also built a model for Cherubael so he can have a friend.

Here is my Inquisitor and retinue. I made this detachment just before the FAQ came out banning soup detachments. Unfortunately this caught the loyal servants of the emperor and now I can't field them like this.

These are some Imperial Crusaders. I used them in my Inquisitors retinue. I based them on gladiators. I imagine the Inquisitor rescued them from a pit fighting cult and now they served him. Although based on how they go in games, being a gladiator might be safer.

Adeptus Mechanicus

I built some of these Kastellan robots. These are the gold ones. They have magnetised weapons.

I made these battle servitors. In the latest FAQ these are even cheaper so might see more table time. These have heavy plasma weapons and phosphor blasters for close in defense.

These are silver bots, they made the table in a game against the Emperors Children. They accounted for a daemon prince and some Obliterators before being taken off the board.

These were my first experience using the brighter chrome colours from the Vallejo Metal Air range. Those are the best silver metalic paints I have found.

Imperial Knights

The Knights were an army I built after 8th edition came out. They are quite a powerful army and the high toughness and armour skew an army of them prove hard for enemies to deal with because all their anti personnel firepower is almost useless.

When the Armiger Knights came out I built a set of each type.

I also built a platoon of Guardsmen and women to go with the Knights. They tend to get massacred because people are glad to have something they can kill.

Some of them are the very old guard models, and some are Raging Hero's models from their kick starter.


These started as a Kill team type project but ended up into a full army

Alan was talking about making some Charcaradons so we could refight some of the Badab war battles.

I used the Executioners in a 1500 point battle using the Kill Team turn sequence.

I bought the shoulder pads from Chapter Customiser. I got about 100 resin shoulder pads and a sheet of Decals and a template for airbrushing the chapter symbol on vehicles
Death Guard

I got inspired, or is that infected, to build some Death Guard models.

Here they are in action against Alan's Genestealer Cult

Chaos Cult

I built these guys out of a mix of Frostgrave parts and sourced weapons out of my bits box.

Here they are fighting Alan's Genestealer cult.

I went for dark robes and cloth with bright yellow vests.

GW recently published an upgrade to the chaos cult so they can have more weapon and equipment options.

Bounty Hunters
I built an Expendables style bounty hunters group. They come from a variety of different parts.

War of the Roses

I built this DBA army as part of a project to grow a new wargaming community. We played this several times during 2018.

Last Romans

Saga is a game I enjoy. it has a good historical feel without being woried about the exact number of rivets. I liken this game to a group group of Survivors sitting in their hall (whether on Earth or Heaven and telling stories about the battle).

I built a Last Romans army and had fun using them. I can also use them as Arthurians of Late Romans.

Vikings are the Space Marines of Saga, they are quite good and really summarise the period, having a TV series or two doesn't hurt either.

I end up playing against Vikings quite a bit.

This is a unit of hard bitten warriors, they can be a couple of different mercenaries, which would be especially useful of the battleboard doesn't have many offensive abilities.

Last Days - Blakes 7 Federation team

I bought some Blakes 7 miniatures and Alan and I have played a some games of Ash Barkers excellent Zombie game, Last Days.

The Zombies are a threat but not overpowering like they are in Walking Dead.

It's quite possible to build a quick and interesting campaign with a few models. One of the troopers is now named Baldric because he get shot every battle and now has an eye injury and an arm injury.

I get inspired from time to time to build some terrain. I always like to see what you can do with bits of household items or craft techniques. Interesting terrain doesn't have to be store bought

It is OK however to use cool store bought terrain. I got a set of walls from Death Ray Designs. This set was designed to go over the Necromunda tiles and they really make the games a lot more immersive. I also experimented with the GW technical paints for rust. I just bought another set and that is an expansion, thats more inspired for Kill Team and has some very nice stained glass windows with acrylic inserts.

Here are the walls laid out on the table.

Looking back on the year I got quite a bit done, but more importantly had loads of fun doing it.


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