Stargrave Quadrant 37 - All Aboard

This is my second attempt to create this post. While writing the last one I keyed Ctrl+A instead of Shift+A. before I realised what had happened I had lost all the content.

Here is the table before we got started, we have plenty of ticket booths and market stalls.
I deployed in a group on one side. Aliens can appear out of the vents in the corner of the table so I was hoping to minimise the impact because half of the aliens should appear from the other corner.
We do the old classic of advance under the cover of some smoke grenades.
A train car wizzes past while we run up. Alan's psycher has laid down a force wall.
A Wardroid arrives behind my squad. Eek.
The Warbot immediately kills one storm trooper. Darth Vader dashes around the corner to deal with Alan's burner who had moved up to crisp us. 
We chuck some grenades over the force wall and wound Alan's hacker who had unlocked the data loot.
Alan's droid manages to unlock a loot counter.
A Sentry droid approaches triggered by an alarm in one of the loot crates
A close range firefight mostly involving chucking grenades over the roof. Darth Vader got criticalled to death by the badly wounded burner. Drat, drat and double drat.
Alan's runner droid makes it past the sentry droid and onto the train with a loot token. The two groups are slowly working their way around the central kiosk.
My commando droid takes out Alan's wounded trooper.
A trio of Alien workers arrive and head towards all the excitement
The sentry droid makes it to the centre of the table and stands triumphant.
A train car arrives with an alien warrior on board. 
Boba Fett and the commando droid make it to the train. Alan's hacker is menaced by an Alien worker.
The warrior dashed off the train to eat Alan's drone. it doesn't taste nice
With movement in front an behind Alan is starting to get surrounded by Aliens
A storm trooper ends up in combat with an acid spitting alien. He had rescued the translation droid who had escaped with a treasure.
Bossks finest hour, he had climbed up the fast food shack and rolled over the forcewall, he then shot down Alan's Lieutenant with a critical hit and dashed off to catch Alan's wounded hacker. An Alien Warrior decided to intervene. It got punched in the face by Bossk, it then bit Alan's hacker to death 
Alan laid down some smoke and escaped with his boss and his runner, then the commando dashed through the smoek and onto the train right before the whole area was swarmed with Aliens.
Bossk is torn, between picking up the data loot, and then having to fight the alien, or running for the train.
In the end Bossk dashed for the train. You could never tell when another would come along and the area would be swarming with Aliens and droid. Alan had killed my translator droid who was peacefully waiting for the train. In the end they got on board one of my trains so didn't earn any bonus xp.

So a slightly better result in that some models made it off the table. I still didn't get any treasure. So I need to spend the 10 credits my droid made last game on a war dog.

So I had three models get off the table earning me an extra 30 xp.


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