Stargrave - Blakes 7 - Time to catch the train

In this third mission Blakes crew need to make it to the transit tube to get out of the energy shield that is covering the Federation installation. However, this section is infested with Andromedan Biomech units.

Blake, Gan, Jenna, Soolin and Villa investigate the route to the transport hub, the walls look covered by some sort of secreted resin. "yeah but secreted from what?"
Avon, Tarrant, Cally, Dayna and Major Reno confirm that there is evidence of alien biomech on this side of the route.
Blake casts inspire on Gan who leads the way, the spiders rush forwards. The first round of shooting is ineffective with only Jenna and Cally scoring any damage and Avon jamming his gun. (the actor that played Avon was renown for breaking the gun props when filming.

Gan advances towards the first spiders with the transport tube in the background.
Major Reno scores a critical on the spider with help from Dayna, the Major then kills a second seconds before Tarant kills the other spider. Avon fails to unlock the data loot with his remote penetration tools. Those encryption protocols are tough. 
Soolin and Villa miss spiders, Blake fails to cast fortune. 
The survivors of Avons team advance past the spider corpses having made it out of the first room. Avon unlocks the loot with a critical.
Major Reno moves in and downloads the data loot.
The spiders advance. Soolin in killed but kills the spider in return. Gan smashes a spider for 11 and drives it back. taking casualties and the team has barely made it half-way.
The combat gets pretty brutal for Blakes team Blakes casts Concealed Firearm but then fails to hit the spider. Villa hits a spider, Jenna misses, then the spiders are on them and its up close and personal. Blake wounds one spider and pushes it back. Villa gets wounded and Jenna gets taken down. Gan smashes another spider.
The two teams rendezvous over a mountain of bio engineered chitin. Blake casts concealed firearm again and this time kills the spider. Dayna Critcals a spider and kills it. A spider hits Gan and wounds him. An acid spewing spider then attacks Blake and Blake kills it then Gan is killed by the acid spray. Blake then gets bitten by a drone while distracted by all the fighting and acid spray.
Dayna wounds another spider, Avon finally clears his gun
Major Reno kills another spider
Another wave of spiders is closing in. They are coming out of the walls man.
Tarant hits a spider for 10 damage, Cally treats Blake which allows him to ignore the wounded condition. Blake kills a spider and then helps Dayna kill a second. Dayna gets a scratch from a spider. A spider attacks Major Reno and wounds her. Major then kills a second spider and causes serious damage to a third.
Avon works out which end of his blaster to point towards the enemy and criticals a spider.
A transport car arrives in the right place at the right time. Blake casts transport and moves to the data loot. Tarant and Cally both miss spiders with their shots. Dayna kills a spider with her gun and another when it attacks her. Avon kills a worker spider and runs onto the transport. The major does chip damage on a spider. (by this point Blake is down to 2 health)
Carnage fills the hall

Blake is standing next to the data loot when a spider grabs Tarrant. 
Dayna and Major Reno join Avon on the transport car just before it leaves.
Blake casts transport on Tarant to get him out of combat with the spider. Blake and Cally race onto a newly arrived train car. The spiders chase Tarrant down the corridor. Tarrant kills the spider in contact and then leaps onto the train car.
Everyone still standing makes it out safely although almost everyone is badly banged up. Gan dies but Jenna and Soolin both recover. Major Reno killed the most spiders so she is getting an upgrade.

Man, what a bloodbath of a mission. The crew end up with Alpha grade classified information and a great haul of experience. 

Now all we need is to get to the other end of the tracks to clear the communciations and teleport jamming field of the defence screen and then the liberator can teleport us up. What could go wrong?

In the back of the train car the crew find another survivor of this installation. Being a man down they ask the strange man with a machinegun to join the team.


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