Blakes 7 - Stargrave Solo mission -This is another fine mess you have gotten us into Blake

The crew of the Liberator were making good time in the transport tube when suddenly the transit cars swerved off the tracks and crashed in an untidy mess. Blake and several crew members managed to pop the escape hatches and clamber out. The rest of the crew needed time to untangle themselves from the crash and patch up their bumps and bruises.

The crew emerged into a nightmare. This area was crawling with Andromedan biomechs it also housed other creatures far worse, fortunately the most horrific creatures were slumbering and not really aware of the crew's presence. However, the soldier mechs were reacting with speed and aggression. Blake inspires himself to boost his close combat ability. Dayna shoots the nearest warrior and wounds it

Blake leads hit team towards one of the exits. A warrior form attacks, Blake Soolin and Dayna. Villa takes advantage of the sleeping Andromedan leader and guards to make a play for the piece of Andromedan technology, visible near the parts of the Andromedan ship which had penetrated into the Federation base.
Dayna kills the Warrior that attacked her. Cally raced past. Her Telepathy is picking up the mental wavelength of the Andromedans
Villa climbs over the wall and unlocks the physical loot token. Blake then transports Villa back to safety. Now the Andromedan ship captain and the guards are active. An Alien Warrior races over and almost makes it into contact. Dayna blasts the warrior bug wounding it. Soolin jams her gun
Avon leads Baben, Major Reno and Jenna out of the carriage. Tarrant is still trying to get untagled from the wreckage or maybe still doing his hair. They down two bugs but not before Major Reno gets sliced open and is wounded Even wounded the Major manages to finish off her attacker. Avon and Baben kill the other bugs.
Blakes team fall back to the exit, Dayna lays down suppressing fire with a sharp stick and kills the bug. Knowing the Royal Guards - hatred of weapons fire the rest of the team back away quietly, glad there are no warriors near by.
The Major fires at a bug and the royal guards all pile over towards her. Fortunately she is far enough away that it takes them both actions to reach her, so she doesn't disappear under a mountain of tentacles claws and fangs this turn.
Tarrant escapes the wreckage of the transport tube and rejoins Avon's team. Jenna and Tarrant get attacked by Warrior bugs and win their combats, Baben then kills one of the bugs. Avon unlocks the data loot having figured out the federation cyphers
Blake group activates and then cats transport on Villa and everyone falls back to safety.
You had to jinx it didn't you. A Royal Guard emerges from a piece of equipment and solidifies. Fortunately Soolin passed her mobility roll and got out of the way, so she isn't in close combat with the creature. Villa and Soolin manage to inflict some damage with their weapons on the creature, but it is still dangerous. Blake casts Transport on Cally and everyone leaves by the exit.
As predicted Major Reno disappears under a pile of tentacles, the Andromedan leader angry that their territory had been invaded started making her way towards the Major.
Baben is doing a great job of bringing up the rear and fells another warrior bug.
However using his gun, brings the wrath of the royal guard down on him.
Avon shoots the Andromedan ship lord, What did you do that for? shouted Tarrant. Now all you have done is made it angry. 
"That shot was worth 20 experience, retorted Avon as he raced through the exit.
Jenna downloads the data loot and leaves the table.
Tarrant threw a grenade at the royal guard and damages one of them. Several eyes turn towards him.
"I must remember to stop being so heroic one of these days.
Baben kills the first warrior bug to attack him "This is why I am top of the Federations most wanted list, I am the ultimate badass!"
A warrior drops out of the ceiling onto Baben and A Royal Guard moves to attack Tarrant. Tarrant uses his judo chop action pushes it back and leaves the table.
Baben gets pasted by the Andromedan leader (that's likely when it does double damage)
With the crew outside the Teleport jaming field. Blake had Orac teleport them back to the Liberator.
Blake then had Zen clear the Nutron Blasters for firing and put up the radiation flare shield.
Avon looked at Blake "What are you doing we should be getting out of here"
Zen target the base defence shield witht he Nutron Blasters punch a hole through it.
Cally stand by with the Teleporter
With the Defence shield compromised. Blake was alle to Teleport Baben and Major Reno onto the liberator.
The advanced medical technology on the liberator was able to heal Baben and regenerate his damaged and missing tissue.
Major Reno required the use of the Nano Medical technology. A swarm of nano bots was able to recreate her missing tissue mass.

With the Liberator now departing the Federation base at Standard by 10 the crew could take time to relax. In Villa's case this meant wrapped around a bottle

Avon studied the technology they had recovered, It looked like a jewelled eye. "Apparently this allows the user to use their mental energy to create a shield around themself. Very useful for someone with sufficient will to use it"

"Someone like you, Avon?"

Roll end credits

The Liberator made it back to their ship, that last mission netted 200 experience and 250 credits.

These solo scenarios are a lot of fun. The scenarios went about as well as the original episodes.

I am now considering making some BBC quarry terrain.


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