Kill Team Carcaradons vs Night Lords

Due to it being a leap year, there were three meetings in February at the club. This mean club meetings on consecutive meetings. Alan and I got in a game of Kill Team for a change. Alan has built a Characaradon force, I decided to use Night Lords so we could do a game based on the battles in the Characadon novels.

We played the Terror Tactics mission which had us getting extra points if you models got off the enemy table edge. My Strategy was to push into Alan's deployment zone and then use the Night Lords legion trait to scare Alan's guys into immobility or leadership failure.

Here are my troops, I used the take forwards positions strategem. Alan used the shoot intruders strategem. However his initial shooting failed to stop any of my units.
 Alan, had a terminator heavy specialist with assault cannon
 Alan's tactical troops hold the mid ground. My Possessed failed his charge even with a re roll so we didn't get into combat on turn 1.
My Berserkers moved into position ready for next turn where few models could shoot at them.
My sniper specialist readied his plasma gun, he ended up having an excellent game, killing 3 marines in three turns.

Alan's left flank is defended by one of his tactical marines.
One of my Beserkers is taking cover behind the building corner a second wave of Nightlords is moving up to support.
Here are the Carcaradons in their main position, this looks lengthwise down the table.
MY close combat marine has made it into combat with Alan's tactical marine. After 2 rounds of combat his chainsword was able to get through the armour and take him out of action.
In Turn 2 I rolled about an average of 11.3 for charges so all my assault specialists made it into combat. Alan counter charged with his leader and a series of combats erupted down the line.
This is my Berserker champion combat specialist with powerfist. Being a Berserker he can activate to fight again and with Mark of Khorne he can activate to fight again. So potentially he could kill three models in one round.

However this turned out to be less successful than I hoped. The Berserker murdered his first opponent, then consolidated into combat with Alan's leader. He got one hit through but Alan saved it on a 6. then activating him again he rolled 4 1s or 2s.

Alan did woo a bit during this sequence.

Alan also played a good combo of decisive strike and then lead by example so 2 of his close combat specialists got to fight before I did. This cost me 2 close combat specialists.
My Shooters advancing in support of the assault.
My last close combat marine charges in to support my powerfist champion to pin him in combat and prevent my champion being shot by the plasma pistol or Alan simply falling out of combat and shooting me with everyone else.

I didn't kill Alan's leader and he stabbed my powerfist champion.
We are both running out of models.
I managed to get a couple of marines off the table, but I have taken more than 50% casualties so need to take break tests. I am down to 2 marines. Alan still has 5 on the table.

If the game had ended on turn 4 I would have won,
Realising the Night Lords are not opposing them the Carcaradons advance.

Alan even advances his terminator, this proves too much for the Night Lords and they break costing them the game.

A very fun game, exactly as the novel played out. Lots of swings back and forth and if some key roles had gone differently the outcome could have been quite different.


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