Hobby time - the Apocalypse week 1

We have been in Level 4 response to the Covid 19 pandemic for a week now. I imagine it is having a real impact on those extroverts who enjoy socialising with crowds of people. Most wargamers seem to be putting on a brave face and seeking the "stay at home" mandate as an opportunity to get so good hobbying done.

Richard, Alan and I set up a video hang out so we could talk while we painted and modeled.

Here is a snapshot of what I am working on:

Here is my Lamanters Kill team. This is part of my collection of Badab War Kill teams. The Lamenters us the Blood Angel rules. The Yellow goes up from Ivory to Light Rust with a coat of Casadora Yellow to tie all the colours together and make them more vibrant.

I am making up a party for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Its a solo or cooperative game based on the Frostgrave gameplay. I could play this myself, host a video game or even play with Luke. These are the Ranger figures. In the middle is my Ranger. He is Arzad the Bugbear slayer. That's why he has a painted bugbear face on his shield. Behind Arzad are a unit of Norman Crossbowmen. I made them to take to Adepticon.

 Here are some extra Mercenaries, These are Reaper Bones. I like the big Gladiator, I replaced hi head with one from the Fireforge Byzantines, I didn't like the origina head not least because it looked a bit off centre.

My Beastman General on foot is also visible in the background, He leads my Guardians of the Wild Saga Army.


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