The wild picnic - a Saga Age of Magic Battle Report

On Saturday, Alan and I played a game of Saga Age of Magic down at the club. I tried out the Call of the Wild army I have been building over the last few weeks.
We used the rules from the book of battles which allowed us both to share the process of determining the battle.

I was so caught up in the process I forgot to take some pictures until part way though my turn.

I used the saga abilities to fire my levies at Alan's Berserkers. A shower of poisoned Javelins came out of the forest and killed three Berserkers. My Sorcerer also used his powers to paralyse the Troll Chieftain. In retrospect this was poor target selection. the troll could not easily attack me without multiple activations.
Alan had his unit of baby trolls leading the advance on his right flank, backed up with a unit of 8 hearthguard.

Alan's creatured smashed into my Levy and killed most of them, fortunately I fled in front of my warlord, just in time to protect him from the Berserker. The Berserker killed the levy but died in return. Alan's levies then fired at my Warlord leaving him on 3 fatigues.

 I was now faced with a large group of angry trolls on my left flank.

 My Warriors charge into the creatures, I lose 7 warriors and fall back but Alan's creatures are exhausted.
 I move up the monster and breath on the trolls but they make their saves.

 My Sorcerer strangles the troll but loses control of his spell and then explodes putting an extra fatigue on the warlord.
 I then move up the hearthguard and try and shoot at the creatures Alan makes all the saves against shooting. The Warlord then activates his backing hooter and relocates to the rear.
 My right flank does nothing starved of saga dice.
 Alan moves up his levy
 The levy shoot at my Chimera which is then finished off by Alan's trolls.
 My left flank is gone so I spend dice on the right flank. My Warriors attack the troll to try and finish it off. I lose 3 warriors and fall back. the Troll is still there.
My Hearthguard shoot 2 of the levy.
 The pigs charge the Levy and kill 9 of them.
 Alan explaining his cunning plan to retreat his forces to prevent any last turn heroics.

My Piggies charge the troll to try and finish it off. They lose 2 pigs and fall back and the troll is still there.

It ends up being a comfortable victory for Alan's goblin horde. Alan is using the pine tree as his sacred terrain and the big stone pile is mine.

Thoughts after the game. I don't think I like warlords on creatures. Losing 5 We Obey orders in the game is a big price to pay. I think I will make a Warlord on foot.

I so like the levy, they do good shooting and synergise with the shooting buffs in the battleboard. I might make up some new units to see how they go.


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